Freshmen should use sexual common sense

Now that I am an upperclassman, I have found myself participating in those little “girl talks” with the freshman females. It’s always interesting that when the topic of guys comes up, the upperclassmen always make remarks that make the men on this campus seem like Satan’s little helpers.

I remember that as a freshman the older girls even went as far as to go down a list of guys to stay away from. A big discussion about how guys would manipulate you into performing all kinds of sexual acts would always come up.

Ironically, I found myself befriending the very guys I was told to stay away from and never having any of the horrible encounters that were mentioned.

I’ve come to the realization that a lot of girls make dim-witted decisions when dealing with guys and then afterward try to play like the innocent lamb that was slaughtered.

Does someone really have to tell you not to have a wild orgy with a guy and all of his friends?

Don’t blame guys just because you wanted to go on a riotous sexual escapade.

Unless you were born in backwater West Virginia, you should know that getting drunk at a fraternity house and wandering off into one of the secluded rooms will probably lead to something a little more intimate. Unfortunately, when the situation unfolds, men get looked at as the bad guys.

Why point fingers at the other people who participated as if they put a gun to her head? My way of dealing with guys has not changed much since I stepped foot on this campus and I can honestly say that I have not met any guy that has game oozing out of his pores.

Where are these Casanova guys that can talk a girl out of her underwear? I don’t know anybody who’s game is so tight that he can get me to do something that I don’t want to do.

These females that are playing like they have been misused need to stop making guys into their scapegoats. You had sex. You liked it. Stop fronting. Reprimanding guys for partaking in what a girl is unmistakably offering to him is not fair.

Giving advice to freshmen about what teachers to take is good but when it comes to matters of intimacy young women have heard just about everything that you have to tell them.

If a young girl does not know how to carry herself by the time she enters college, she’ll have to learn her lessons from experience.

Cheron Mangum, 19, is a junior broadcast journalism student from Atlanta. She can be reached at