Are you going to class or a video shoot?

My mom always told me you cannot buy class, but you can buy some clothes to put on. Instead of skimpy halter tops, see-through shirts, and the infamous FAMU booty shorts, ladies why not try some jeans for example?I understand that these clothes are cute, but consider keeping them in the back of your closet until it’s time to go to a party, club or to meet Jay-Z. It is important to carry yourself well, handle things respectfully and sometimes dress modestly. I am not saying that all students should be in suits, but I am saying that it looks out of place to see someone giving a formal speech in class with a mini skirt on. There is a time and a place for everything, and the time and place for hoochie clothes is not the classroom. Look in the mirror before you leave the house. Maybe dance around a little bit.If your breast falls out of your shirt or your skirt rides up to the point where your thong shows, then return to your closet and put on some clothes. When you prepare for school each morning people should be able to tell that you are going to get an education, not trying out for a music video. The distinction should not be confusing. Maybe the problem is that some ladies feel that stylish means short or that cute means see-through. This is not the case, ladies.There are many outfits in stores that are both stylish and cute that show more clothing than skin. If you still feel that you have to show off everything God gave you, go try to make some money with it. Let’s see that kind of thing at the Late Night Library,not Coleman Library. Not to mention, the clothes I’m describing are very distracting to other students. The last thing someone needs to be thinking about before they take that make-or-break midterm is “I can see her thong.” Of course, when the weather starts to change this article will lose its value, but for now we shouldn’t be stuck looking at skimpy clothes and scattered tail around campus. I really do not expect for there to be a total change in the wardrobe selection at our university, but I was kind of hoping for it to look like a campus, instead of a Luke video.

Jasmine Bouyer, 19, is a sophomore broadcast journalism student from Dallas. She can be reached at