Writer shines without media spotlight

Just for a moment let’s ignore Terry McMillan and the “Oprah Book Club” and focus on some writers who are not mentioned quite as often.

Sheneska Jackson is one of many writers who has received neither the media attention nor the accolades that her peers have, but is just as worthy.

For those who enjoy a good love story, a hard-working, successful black protagonist or maybe even a few scenes reminiscent of “Soul Food,” you will find a friend in Jackson

Her debut novel, “Caught Up in the Rapture,” features a songstress and a rapper trying to make it in the music industry. Both artists have to deal with bad management, industry politics and even competition with each other.

Somewhere along the line these two will, of course, hook up. There is a pleasant surprise by Jackson’s twisting the overly used good-girl-dating-bad-boy theme.

Jackson comes hard and very real with her second novel. “Li’l Mama’s Rules” takes the reader inside the mind of the modern black woman.

She is confident, independent, plays by her own rules and is the leader of her own sexual revolution.

Let’s take a peek at a few of Li’l Mama’s rules- Rule 1: Never invite them back to your place. Rule 6: Never date a man who is shorter than you.

I must admit that I also subscribe to rule No. 6. Somewhere between rules one and 33, Ms. Modern Black Woman will learn the most important lesson of all: Never have sex without a condom.

Jackson is an accomplished and versatile writer. Even though both novels focus on relationships, you will not have the chance to become bored. Both novels show a tremendous amount of humor even in the darkest of times. The reader can also appreciate the fact that these novels do not have fairy tale endings.

The characters must face their issues head on and in Ms. Jackson’s world there are no easy answers.

Just remember that our black writers need love just like the rest of the entertainment world.

Sheneska Jackson has also written Blessings.

Jaselyn Williams can be reached at jaselyn31@hotmail.com