‘Photo’ develops interesting plot

Ladies and gentlemen, the Academy Award for Best Actor in a romantic thriller goes to Robin Williams.

It is safe to say that he has done it again. By this I mean Williams has delivered another Oscar deserving performance.

In “One Hour Photo” Williams takes a simple plot and turns it into a complex story. If the audience is looking for “Mrs.Doubtfire,” then they are in for a big surprise.

Robin Williams’ character, Cy, is a Savmart photo technician. He plays a lonely middle-aged man, who is infatuated with a family he develops pictures for.

He views this family as perfect. Cy feeds his obsession every time the wife drops off a roll of film. He makes an extra set of pictures for himself to display in his apartment like a shrine.

One day Cy develops a picture that sets off a bomb inside his head. Right before the audience’s eyes, he changes from Forrest Gump to Hannibal, seeking his revenge.

“One Hour Photo” has little dialogue and compelling music, adding to the suspense. When something is going to happen, the music’s volume increases and the tone changes.

The film’s cinematography uses different angles that allow the audience to see the story from all perspectives. The camera angles start wide and gradually zoom in to capture little details.

This film was chosen as a Premiere Selection at the Sundance Film Festival and deserves all of its accolades. The movie is superb.

The audience gets a chance to see Robin Williams out of a comedy setting and in a thrilling drama. “One Hour Photo,” is original in content and style. I give it an “A” for originality. It is a must see movie.

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