Citizens pay for 1 man’s mistakes

Suspended Leon County Commissioner Rudy Maloy will find himself back in court again soon for misdemeanor charges. Rightly so, one may think.

His offense was heinous. It violated the public trust and he deserves to be punished accordingly for his crimes. Maloy filed a false claim for $556 that he used for travel expenses; $140 of which Maloy’s travel agent admits was a billing error.

But that’s where it gets confusing, The tax-paying citizens of Florida have been punished far worse than he could be and, Maloy is still being charged over the same $556 that he was charged with in July.

The state attorney has now changed the charge three times, from petty theft, to a felony, to a misdemeanor.

Florida has better things to do with it’s money than spend it all chasing a man for trying to bail out on the check, which he has since come back and paid for. This is beyond obsessive.

It has become just as unjust to the public at large to continue to waste money on this case as it was for Rudy Malloy to try to steal from the public in the first place.

From what can be understood of lawyer jargon, the misdemeanor that Maloy is being charged with now is different from the petty theft and felony charges that were brought against him before.

Now the case is based solely on the vendetta of the prosecuting attorney as opposed to justice being served.

According to Stephen Dobson, Maloy’s attorney, “the state of Florida has spent tens of thousands of dollars investigating a case that is now worth a little more than 500 bucks…”

Maloy has already paid the money back, and the felony and petty theft charges were dismissed. So if that’s all understood, then it seems a tad bit foolish to consider continuing to prosecute the man over $556.

Apparently not to one man. State Attorney Willie Meggs wants to continue in the manhunt, wasting an immeasurable amount of time and resources.

Not to excuse Maloy’s crimes, but this is getting a little ridiculous.

Shouldn’t some resources be used to further this investigation as opposed to one involving an already paid for misuse of funds?

In fact, wouldn’t the money be better spent if it were burned in trash cans to heat the hands of the homeless?

Has it gotten to the point in our justice system where the law of double jeopardy ends, finagling begins?

Being real about it would mean that someone would have to admit that he or she just wants to see this black man convicted of stealing.

Willie Meggs belongs on trial for misappropriations of funds and wasting precious man-hours, right alongside Rudy Maloy for alleged sexual harassment.

The entire system is being abused to make an example of one man. But who is the example for?

An obsessed attorney or the public that happens to be paying for the trial and his salary, too?

– Bridget Nance for the Editorial Board