Broadway show to visit Tallahassee

Remember the 1980’s hip-hop movies where battles were fought and hearts are won by spinning to break beats?

Take that concept, and stick it in ancient Ireland. Trade the Adidas pants for tights, add some violins and you have “Lord of the Dance.”

Well, not really, but that’s the idea.

Sept 24 and 25 will mark the Broadway show’s second appearance in Tallahassee.

The story: Good “lord” is sent to defeat bad “don.” Lord gets distracted and falls in love with good Irish girl. Eventually bad Don is conquered and everyone lives happily ever after.

This classic concept is enhanced by colorful costumes, high-energy music and perfectly choreographed dance steps, said Charlotte Brown, marketing director for the Leon County Civic Center.

“It’s phenomenal,” she said. “Everyone can enjoy the show.”

“Lord of the Dance,” premiered in 1996 as a sequel to “Riverdance.” Since its Dublin , Ireland debut, creator Michael Flatley’s majestic nexus of the old and new has attracted an international modern fan base for Celtic music and dance.

At 35 taps per minute, Flatley, the one-time American All-World Irish Dance champion, has been recorded in the “Guinness Book of World Records” as having “the world’s fastest feet.”

Although no longer performing with the group, Flatley still occasionally advises the cast.

“He holds the dancers to such high standards that they put through a superior performance,” Brown said.

The show has outsold all other major shows internationally, according to the Lord of the Dance Web site.

The dances featured in the show don’t fit neatly into an individual category.

“It’s tap but, not really,” said Jamie Marcus, who saw the show in North Carolina. “It’s a combination of all different types of dancing and cultural traditions.”

“Lord of the Dance,” brought by Magic Arts & Entertainment, will kick off the 2002 -2003 Tallahassee Broadway series.

Tickets, ranging from $35 to $55, are available at the Civic Center’s box office,, or 222-0400.

Also, visit for information on future shows.

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