Quality of Editing

As an alumnus of FAMU, I am very proud of the FAMUAN campus newspaper. Additionally, I applaud the staff for the hard work and dedication required to publish it three times a week. However, I respectfully urge you not to sacrifice quality for quantity. For example, in your 17 September edition, two titles of articles had obvious problems. The first, “War will am-Bush U.S. image,” should have read, “War will harm-Bush U.S. image.” The second, “Willmington blazes coaching trail for blacks, should have read, “Willingham blazes coaching trail for blacks.” Also, I noticed typos in several of the articles. I hope you understand that this criticism is provided in the spirit of love and comes from one who cherishes our great university. Knowing that others always have FAMU under a microsope, I don’t want to provide them any fodder to denigrate our great instition. Keep up the great work.

Austin D. Bell III (Class of ’75) 14309 Stonewater Ct Centreville, VA 20121 202 782-1225 Colonel, U.S. Army Austin.Bell@na.amedd.army.mil