Think twice before believing freedom is real

So, you think you’re free? But how free are you really when we are trapped in a prison with no walls, cells, or bars. Hidden forces are controlling our lives, an invisible hand that manipulates humanity as it sees fit. The thought is truly horrifying. It erases the comfort zone that we choose to live our lives in. Let’s attack this from another angle. How are we not in a matrix? Look at all the areas of our lives that we have given control to people that we trust blindly: the producers of our genetically altered food, the oil companies who fix gas prices, the teacher who holds your future in their hands, the pastor who you trust to guide your soul to heaven, the cook at the restaurant who’s hands touch the food you eat, and so on. All of these people are being manipulated at some level, and because of this fact, so are we. People won’t complain about being slaves if they think they’re free. However, the Siamese twin of freedom is responsibility. They’re inseparable, yet we have the nerve to say that we’re free when our lives are still in the hands of people with a history of destroying our people. It is a crime against your ancestors not to take what’s rightfully yours, which is responsibility over our people’s destiny. Take it out of the hands of your forefather’s slaughterers, because ignorance ain’t bliss when the grits hits the fan. You can do it, but you’ve have to wake up to the true nature of this matrix. The nature of this matrix is not digital, as in the movie, nor is it economic or political. Believe it or not, it’s not even mental. This matrix has people spiritually imprisoned. Even your mind is useless if you lack self-discipline. When it’s all said and done, this matrix thrives off of spiritual weakness. It’s all about spirit. Period. The court systems, the media, politicians, the prison system, the police, the Illuminati, your dope man, all of them are banking on personal failure. Think about it. If blacks did for themselves, America would crumble. If no black men got arrested, the court system would shatter in one day. It’s so simple. If you eliminate your weaknesses from with, it’s impossible to control you from without. It’s all about how you live your life. Name a weakness, and you’ll find someone who profits off it. Politicians are deceivers, but they can’t deceive you until you deceive yourself. This is how it works. Your mind and spirit is the matrix. As within, so without. For example, were we slaves to the white man, or slaves to our fear of death and pain? The white man simply provided that variable. But since the man who is afraid to die is already dead, and just doesn’t know it, we live oppressed…until you decide that living free is the only way to live. Rise, my people.

– Theo Wilson, 21, is a senior theater student from Denver. He can be reached at