Sushi cafe develops new appeal

If you like it raw, Jasmine Cafe & Lounge may just be just the place for you.

The sushi restaurant is striving to be “Tallahassee’s New Eclectic Hotspot,” according to flyers being placed around town.

Complete with trendy Asian-inspired design; a college-friendly atmosphere and an assortment of menu options, the restaurant seems to specialize in the unexpected.

That is just what the management has been going for, said Manager Shannon Kennedy.

She said the bar has really broadened its focus.

Roger Unger, the new owner, acquired the restaurant about a year ago.

“He changed the menu and really added to it,” Kennedy said.

“We still have sushi, but we also offer wraps, sandwiches and general continental cuisine for sushi eaters and non-sushi eaters.”

In addition, the restaurant features various types of sushi, appetizers, pasta and salads.

The menu is not the only thing that’s changing. In recent months, the Jasmine Cafe & Lounge has opened its doors to Tallahassee’s ample college community.

It has been the location of sorority and fraternity socials, birthday parties, graduation parties and local government pow-wows.

“We cater to a lot of students,” Watson said.

“We have a number of game events during football (season), and Friday nights are a lot of fun here.”

The restaurant, which is a short distance from both FAMU and FSU, has an open-door policy, Kennedy said.

“People interested in having events in the lounge are welcome on a first come, first serve basis as long as the groups are big enough,” she said.

Outside of hosting events in its intimate lounge, the restaurant is increasing clientele with themed nights such as “Ladies’ Night” and “Monday Madness”.

The restaurant is now open seven days a week, and specialty drinks are served daily.

“Saki Bombers are a tradition here,” said Jessica Watson, 2o, a junior dietetics student at FSU.

Watson said the youthful environment is another positive factor.

But when asked about the best part of her job, Watson swiftly exclaimed, “The sushi.”

And customers like Mike Hugus agree.

“The food is good. . .really fresh,” said Hugus, 20, a junior nursing student at FSU.

“I come here for the good environment and the whole experience.”

He and his friend, Michael Holmberg, 20, a criminal justice student at FSU, are both returning customers.

Holmberg said that the physical environment added to his enjoyment of the food.

Holmberg and Hugus were attending the “Sushi Sunday”, a “$10 all you can eat” special. Holmberg said he looks forward to returning again.

“They’ve always had good service,” he said.

“It’s a nice restaurant.”

Kennedy said they try to accommodate students and other

clientele by offering reasonable prices and extended hours.

If the customers’ enthusiasm is any indication of the restaurant’s quality, students with a taste for raw delicacies won’t get a raw deal at th e Jasmine Café & Lounge.

Students interested in

having events at the Jasmine Café & Lounge may call Roger Unger at (850)681-6868.

Tara Lake can be reachedat mstaralake@nettally.