The Famuan’s goals include student body

So you’ve already seen and read the first three editions of The Famuan and you may have noticed a few changes.

Hence, this column.

The first change you’ve probably observed was our increase in frequency.

When we were publishing twice a week, we were the most frequently published newspaper at any historically black college or university.

Now that we are three times a week, we are the envy of many schools. We have been asked what is our secret. But we’ll never tell.

We’ve also reintroduced our business and health sections to keep our fellow Rattlers informed on various topics. These sections also give students of various majors an opportunity to share their story ideas.

You’ve probably also noticed that the paper was given a complete overhaul from cover to cover.

There’s a new flag (the Famuan logo on the front); article teasers are at the bottom of the front page instead of the side; new folios at the top of each page and an inside guide that reminds you of The Famuan regulars.

Even the quality and texture of the actual newspaper has been upgraded.

All of these changes are a prelude to our main objectives, which is to get the paper ready to become a daily, which in university publication terms, means four times a week – a vision that should be a reality within the next two years.

Another goal we have is to get the entire university including faculty, staff and our beloved schools of engineering and law involved in this semester’s issues.

I’ve heard individual complaints from some of engineering students and we will try our best to keep you in the mix. As for our Orlando School of Law, we’ll keep everyone up here posted on what’s going on down there and vice versa.

I want to stress that our doors are open to the faculty and staff of the university to submit articles or columns to be published in the paper. This paper is as much theirs as it is the students.

In fact all Rattlers are welcome to our Monday and Wednesday staff meetings. 5 p.m. – don’t be late.

If you have any questions feel free to stop by 309 Tucker Hall and see me. I’ll be busy leading an award-winning newspaper, but I promise to make time.

Vanessa Clarke, 22, is a senior newspaper journalism student from Nassau, Bahamas. She is the The Famuan’s editor in chief. She can be reached at