Students take reins of local business

Clifford Moore Jr. and Greg Salter believe that anything is possible. That’s if you’re willing to go the extra 150 miles and you put your mind to it.

Moore, 22, a fourth-year business student and Salter, 22, a fourth-year sociology student, both from Fort Pierce, are reaping the benefits of going those extra miles. They are the new owners of Copy Corner, the copy center on South Adams Street.

“You need to have ambition, self-motivation and goals,” Salter said.

The former owner, FAMU language professor Ann Hooper, became ill and passed away. Salter had been working at the copy center for three years when his interest in acquiring the business piqued.

Salter went to Moore, his best friend since the sixth grade and the two got into “grind mode,” working diligently to negotiate the purchase of the business.

“This is our future,” Moore said.

Salter called Rep. Curtis Richardson, D-Tallahassee, who put him in touch with Daryl Jones of the Institute of Urban Politics in Commerce.

Slater said he served as an adviser and mentor, helping them get started.

“It was nothing but the grace of God,” both said.

They said the whole process was mentally draining but they surrounded themselves with supportive and positive people.

Lack of assets, age and bad credit were obstacles for Moore and Salter.

“Every challenge that could happen did,” Moore said. “But we felt what God has in store for us, is for us.”

Salter said it was worth it. “You won’t appreciate what you get until the end anyway,” he said.

Salter is chief executive officer and Moore is chief operating officer.

Moore said they are trying to negotiate state and government contracts and would like to do business for all campus organizations.

They also hope to offer internship experiences for students, he said.

“We feel we have a lot to give back,” Moore said.

The new owners are in the process of revamping the center and hiring more employees to handle the load.

“Soon we’ll be too big for this place,” Salter said, hinting of plans to expand the business beyond Tallahassee into Orlando and Atlanta. They said they’d also like to work with the President Fred Gainous as his exclusive copying service.

“Just for now we’re the Wendy’s of the game,” Salter said of Copy Corner, calling Target Copy and Kinko’s, McDonald’s and Burger King, respectively.

“We’re trying to get in the game for now, and do what we do to the best of our ability, and that’s to continue servicing FAMU,” he said.

Copy Corner, serving the Tallahassee community since 1986, offers services ranging from copying, binding, flyers, programs and business cards, to graduation announcements and color copies.

“This is something we like to do, working with people,” Salter said. “When you love what you do, it’s not really working anyway.”