rolling past into present

my plan,it revolves around spontaneousmy destination is my journeyi’ve climbed vinyl tracks,followed cracks in the sidewalk sideways to hideaways highways have swayed and missed,trypticand mysticand slipped in all crypticthen tripped to forget it stripped it andlifted iclimbed and i gripped it and i ascended to the top of the tree,but found that there was no shade,and eye am not the first nor the lastto jump down and roll pastinto the present…….as gravity drops sigh lent lush fruits into my open pslamsmass calm control alt deletedstampeded by elite with depleted seeds and needs for green bloodeye am surrounded by floods of robots with powerful emotions…disturbingthis curbing of spirit kicked into gutteral cries for helphelp mecarry mefree mesee me be me up, naughtyspin reprieve frompounding scary sooth fairies hounding me with payment notices under my pillow,astounding me with willowyamber silouettes on a menacing white drilled wallthat waterfallpainted frames with wooden picturesstructure, stricture and victim reform.