hitchhiking on the road of life explosive mics!—erosive type!print proleptic prose to sightchange income in advanceforget watching Babylon’s b&$%!es dancedeplete the cash accounts of comatosesit home and grossheavy interest on my thoughtsexpectin big returns this yearfor my soul’s return to its essencere:fund rigor mortisleavin spiritual tension lesseneddid i mention blessings?oh the many blessings!i feel like grandma at church on Sundayholla!lose ya Jesusjumbalaya my jargon into a poetic thesiscookin up catharsis on the side of eye-95watchin the masses passhollerin’ “hey i got some good grub! won’t you lemme ride with you?”the cost is nothing at alli’ll be hitchhiking, roadtrippin, ridin……to the tune of enlightenment