Think now or forever rest in peace

What if you’ve been brainwashed since birth? What if Christianity was evil’s greatest tool? What if the company you worked for caused death and starvation to millions? What if the government could put us back in slavery with a stroke of a pen?

What if there is a way to end oppression today?

If all of these things were true, what would you do? If you see the overwhelming implications of these questions, then you’ll probably do what you always do. Ignore it. It’s too stressful. After all, you came to school to have fun and get educated, not to free your mind. Well, no matter how you try to ignore these things, they’re going to affect you, because to some extent, they’re all true. Ignorance is no longer a valid excuse, because the root word of ignorance is ignore. Ignorance is the cause of our suffering as a people, yet we refuse to rid ourselves of mental bondage.

The reason that ignorance is the cause of our suffering is because you’ve given up the power to think for yourself. It’s too difficult. It is easier to let the media tell you your opinion on world issues. After all, they wouldn’t lie, would they?

It’s easier for your preacher and “the good book” to define for you what God is rather than finding the truth within.

It’s easier to pay thousands of dollars for an education than it is to learn the same material for free at the library.

The difference is mental discipline. We have been taught to hand over our most precious tool, our mind, from day one. If you don’t believe this, explain why so many of our people are so lost and ignorant. Why do we have this slave-like, divisive, self-destructive mentality?

We trust the school, church, media and government to give us what think about and how to think about it. To do this is suicidal and idiotic.

Get some critical thinking skills. Are these not the same institutions with a history of dealing white supremacy? You probably wouldn’t know because you’re probably too complacent to research the material. Yes, you, the person going to school to get a mere job at someone’s company. A company that most likely helps America exploit people the same way they did to us. It’s called globalization.

These things are hard to face, but now is the time to face them. Our people are slipping away. If you don’t believe this, just go into the community. We must regain control over our minds, because without that, we can do nothing.

Free your mind, and your world will follow.

-Theo Wilson, 21, is a senior theater student from Denver. He can be reached at