New SGA leaders emphasize action

Student Government Association President Andre Hammel and Vice President Tisa Holley of the Rock Solid Administration were sworn into office Thursday night. The event brought together public officials along with past and present rattlers.”I enjoy seeing college students serving their community and getting involved in the political sense,” said John Paul Bailey, a city commissioner and mayoral candidate. “Andre and Tisa along with the other students on this campus have learned how the government and the world works and together we can get a lot accomplished.”The inauguration not only highlighted student leadership, but it was also the first opportunity for some students to see and hear President Fred Gainous.However, the ceremony was poorly attended. “To be honest I am disappointed at the size of the crowd,” said Tanika Williams, 22, a senior business administration student from Charlotte, N.C. “It is a little past 7 p.m. now and no one is really here. I came because this is your chance to hear the new president.” “Freshmen still new to campus, may have an excuse but there is no reason for upperclassmen not to have this auditorium packed out,” Williams said.In her speech, Holley, 21, a senior health and fitness/ physical education student from Temple Hills, Md., stressed that the university, with its solid foundation, can become better if everyone works together.”This SGA team works day and night to make a positive difference,” she said.The inauguration also proved to be a night of firsts, Hammel delivered his State of the Students Address. His speech followed the themes of moving forward, coming together, and making a difference. Hammel, 21, said he is sick of the problems not being tackled and is ready to bring about change. “Someone said it couldn’t be done, but we did it… I have been in the SGA for four years now and I feel that this year [working together] we have the ability to cross a threshold,” said the senior political science student from Mitchellville, Md.The night was filled with pomp and circumstance and lots of entertainment but for many students the speeches of their student leaders stole the show.”I am only a freshman and I have to say I am impressed. Tisa is such a dynamic speaker and you can tell that Andre spoke from his heart,” said Rick Ulysse, 18, a freshman marketing student.Senate President Aziza Bowser and Chief Justice Jamila A. Abston were also sworn into office during the ceremony.Hammel ultimately placed the responsibility of the university’s future in the hands of all in attendance.”Every morning when you look in the mirror, ask yourself have I done all I can for FAMU. If you say yes transfer tomorrow because there is always something left to do. In the end ask yourself am I FAMU’s keeper? And if not who is?”