Mind your business

Sex is an act that has the power to shape the image of any student. Despite your extracurricular activities, your sex life will always outshine them. Ironically, most students boast about their maturity, yet giggle and gossip like children about sexual matters. Some even take it upon themselves to assess someone else’s character based upon sexual rumors. Truth be told, sex is a personal and intimate act that has no effect on your intelligence or integrity. Promiscuity has absolutely no effect on leadership capabilities or performance skills. Sex is a physical and emotional pleasure that is essential for many reasons. Once people can view it for exactly what it is and nothing more, then they will truly be on the path to maturity. It’s entertaining to see how caught up people get in judging others when they are usually just as sexually active. If we really want to judge, unless you are married, sex all together is morally wrong. If you have sex with your significant other 12 times and someone else sleeps with 12 different people, in the end fornication happened 12 times for both parties. People try to justify their actions by saying they are in love or they knew the person for a long period of time. These people need to get off that kick because they are just as wrong as the next person. I’m not crusading morals or promoting promiscuity in any way. I’m just being real about the matter. Most people are sexually active and will remain that way. My point is get yours how you get yours. If good sex to you is passionate lovemaking with an exclusive partner, then get yours. If good sex to you is hardcore (I’ll just say sexing,) with whomever you choose, then get yours. Cheron Mangum, 19, is a junior broadcast journalism student from Atlanta. She can be reached at Cheron_5@hotmail.com.