Band prepares for music battle

With 108 woodwinds, 160 brasses, 50 percussionists, 24 flag corp members – not to mention the infamous Presidential Nine – there aren’t many bands that are eager to come face to face with “the Notre Dame of Bands,” the incomparable Marching 100.

However, Saturday at 7 p.m., Morris Brown College will not only bring Atlanta representatives into Bragg Memorial Stadium.

They will also be accompanied by the Marching Wolverine Band which is seemingly ready for the challenge.

While the Rattlers contend the Wolverines on the field, spectators can also expect to hear the Hundred’s powerful blows of “S.O.S.,” “Do What You Wanna” and Tribute to Bob Marley ringing throughout the stands and calling any bluff the Wolverines may present.

The last time the Marching Wolverines set foot in Bragg

Stadium was 1984.

Marching 100 members today are excited about the return.

“I really hope their band comes with their ace card, because the Hundred will definitely be ready,” said Delano Dean, assistant to staff, and former assistant head drum major and band historian.

“It’s going to be a very exciting halftime show and game. Morris Brown has done a lot to improve and build their program, and now they get a chance to show their improvements by coming up against the mecca of bands,” he added.

Active members of the band have been preparing for the first home game with intense field and musical rehearsals twice a day.

But the rigorous practice schedule has yet to cramp the style of the Hundred.

“We’ve really been conditioning mentally, physically and musically this week, but the work won’t be in vain when we see the crowd supporting us and dancing in the stands,” said Alishea Buggs, a third-year band member and clarinet section leader.

And fans will definitely be in the stands according to Gertrude Edwards, programs assistant in the ticket office, who says that the game is nearing a sellout with tickets still going fast.

“The rehearsals have been intense, but the students know we aren’t trying to kill them but prepare them to put out and deliver a show that will leave no questions unanswered,” said professor Kalomo Bailey, assistant to director of bands.

But no question about it, Rattlers are sure to be present and excited about the first home game and fall debut of the Marching 100.

“I like football, but I love the band,” said Quenisha Mays, a senior health information management student from Houston.

“As soon as they get on the field, I get on my feet,” she said. “I’m glad that Morris Brown is bringing their band, visiting bands makes the games feel more like games.”

There’s sure to be plenty of school spirit and excitement in the air, along with the aroma of fried fish and sausage dogs.

But one of the main highlights is sure to be witnessed when the Rattlers clear the field for the Hundred.