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Developing Skills in Productive Fields of Interest.

Do you give positive attention while one is being good? According to DoctorFitzhough Dodson some learned the only way to receive attention was throughinappropriate behavior. As long as one was good one may have been ignored. Somewho ignored others when they were good may have felt compelled to give instantfocused attention for inappropriate behavior. Misbehavior was thereforeattention. Misbehavior became a social life. The person thought the behavior waswho they were. Others believed the behavior was who the person was also. Thebehavior received attention from some in the environment and allied forcesproducing further teasing for social recognition. While wasting productive timeother needs failed to be met causing the need to feed off productive forces.Changing who one became depends upon the process In the past some thoughtdictated undesirableness would stop unwanted actions. Authoritarians did notknow punishment, which is a behavior recognizer, fools by temporarilysuppressing behavior while at the same time giving social and self-recognitioncausing the behavior to repeat. Punishment must be given and received. Punishedbehavior repeats acquiring neither goodness or obedience. Recognizing thedifference between the behavior and the individual do give the individualattention. Doctor Dodson suggests distracting and redirecting the individual tofun learning activities that lead to productive behavior while applyingExtinction Technique by giving zero attention to behaviors one does not wish tobe repeated. Recognized productive behavior becomes repeated productivebehavior. Generative productive personalities develop. Children’s productivebehavior is the right to have their educational needs met and be activelyengaged in the educational process. Scientific studies by recorded observationof behavior under precise behavior recognition conditions produced the results:Recognized behavior repeats, or to quote the results, “Recognized behavior isrepeated behavior.” as stated in How to Parent, the beginning of the book sayingit is written to mothers, by Doctor Fitzhough Dodson which I read July 1974 andapplied. Dr. Dodson also wrote How to Grandparent and How to Father. Thesescientific facts may not have been available to others and you before so forgiveothers and yourself for the unchangeable past punishment can not change andfocus upon life’s qualities being specific and investigative. Make a future.Quoting a homes and gardens magazine, “The best way to quit a bad habit is tosubstitute it with a good habit.”

Providing fun safe multiple-choice learning experiences for expression inindividuality in an environment which is safe to function within developsinterest in learning while continual watching and providing for interestsextends and expands learning. Extended expanded play learning is EmergentCurriculum in the Early Childhood Education Field. During play children learn touse symbols, written sign verbal pictorial musical constructive language, tocommunicate. The book One Hundred Languages of Children by Carolyn Edwards isthe story of Italy’s child development Reggio Emilia Schools. Learning projectsat Reggio Emilia are self-discovery projects. The children are free to thinkthrough how to construct and measure in their own way. During play the childrentest their theories. Chapter nine is the true story of a small group of childrenwho draw a life scale dinosaur. The children found a place in the schoolyardlarge enough to draw a dinosaur. The school provided for the children’s accessmany measuring sticks, ‘Rods’, for laying side by side showing the preciseheight and length of the dinosaur. The school spared no rods. The childrenlearned measuring skills used in building societies. The King’s foot measurementdivided into one dozen makes twelve inches. Cubit rods measure cubits. Duringprojects the teachers engage the children in conversation. Children are inspiredto inquisitiveness as a result of the teacher’s provocative questions. Projectsare displayed at community gatherings giving each child a sense of community.Community observers give recognition of correct principles applied to createeach project. Rods used in child education to show quantities are QuizenairyRods. Each uniform section on the rod is displayed by color. Each consecutiverod is one unit longer. Rods make useful levers. Rods reach under and pull outitems a person can not reach. A walking stick is a sturdy rod. Children attainhigher principles.

Two principles of early childhood education are each classroom has three timesas many positive free choice learning activities as the number of children andchildren are free to ask for their needs. Parent participation preschool in myneighborhood had free choice parent directed learning centers with one parentcenter for every five children. One parent participated one day a week for eachchild. Increasing good human development bonds neighborhood families and peersand efficiently creates a four day labor week and one family and community day.Quoting Doctor Fitzhough Dodson, “What is the ultimate goal we are workingtoward in the training of our children? If we reflect deeply on this question,most of us would say that our ultimate goal is to produce an adult who haslearned self-regulation, who has learned to exercise his freedom in aresponsible way.” “A baby’s wants are a baby’s needs.” “A mother is a baby’sfirst social life.” “The learner must be in condition to learn.” “Give yourchild a positive model of what he should do.” Mother and Father set an exampleas learning discovery information gatherers. Family members share learningexperiences providing all education attention. A baby wants a social skilldevelopment learning day. Infancy is the optimum time to learn social skillsthus developing social infants. Social infants tend to have their needs metaccording to scientific studies by recorded observation. People respond tosocial infants. (The Developing Person by Kathleen Stassen Berger)

Doctor Fitzhough Dodson believes basic honesty is learned through theappropriate meeting of honest needs as in when one is honestly sleepy andhonestly hungry. Messages by the blood stream requesting energy are honestbiological messages. Baby’s respect for personal property is gained byexperiencing having personal property others respect. Children who see materialthing meeting people’s needs connect material things with meeting needs. My coatmeets my needs and your coat meets your needs. Children who have their needs metare not busy doing that which is undesirable. Providing places for children toplace their needs assures children their material needs are ready and waitingfor them when needed. Baby sees others meeting needs and matures into the desireto meet needs also. Respect includes the owner’s personal power over decisionsto share including consideration and respect to the givers of gifts. When thechoice is theirs to make children enjoy sharing. All children need their needsmet at all times. (We do also.)

My self-regulating infants slept when their bodies needed sleep. Since myinfants had interesting active days they slept well at night. During the daythey were free to nap. Toddlers wake up hungry for Break/Fast after early A.M.sleeping. Meals and snacks follow naturally. Studies show when a healthy varietyof foods are placed upon the table in serving bowls family style children alwayschoose a balanced diet. There are so many healthy choices in the variety of allgood foods no one need ever take what one does not like. By choice I havedeveloped a taste for sauerkraut. By experience sauerkraut was a food I hadnever heard of until junior high. My daughter in her highchair while I wasfeeding her Campbell’s Vegetable Beef Soup ejected every pea. In two months shewas eating peas with pleasure. Is it possible she was eating peas with pleasurebecause I did not force her to eat them? My personal choice of entertainment,reading, and activities being ecological non-fiction I saw the need to educatemy children in the difference between non-fiction and fiction the first timethey were exposed to fiction entertainment.

Since I could only clean wherever I was at wherever I was at was clean. Steppingout of bed the covers went up, dressing one item in the bath was cleaned,walking down the hall the beds were made, and rising up from breakfast thedishes were washed and kitchen cleaned. After relaxing in the afternoon thefloors were done. The work was always already done. When I spent my time withthe children the house stayed clean. We were actively involved in fun discoveryand skill building. Education by experience was direct attentive communicationby personal attention or wonderful education filled classroom lectures likecircle time and college classes, sing along language skill development, learningprojects, free choice positive learning experiences, reading good books, andplayground social skills development health education. Reggio Emilia’s idea ofeducation also includes community and family social dining. Living theScientific Laws of Human Development meant we could dine with the results ofroyalty having our typical lunch experience. I reply, “In ‘government for thepeople, by the people, and of the people’ everyone is royalty.” Art and spatialrelationships classes at college taught me principles of construction, space,design, and perception for skills in creativity. All these principles arerepeatable science. The classes are fun. I loved my college classes and believecollege has great value. While holding my small baby in my arms I thought of hisfuture. I decided to give him opportunities to learn how to think by enrichinghis young life with daily valuable opportunities for learning. Personalknowledge would qualify him to choose how to care for people and the earth.Intelligence is applying one’s profession to meeting the needs of the people.Raising him filled with the intelligence to know how to choose to applyprofessional services to serve others the best was my goal. Family fusion,productive energy resulting from family unity, bonds families. Extinct familyfission, energy released as a result of family division. People experiencinghaving their needs met because families are united gains support for unitedfamilies.

Education is the power to direct one’s own life. Self-regulating productive playeducated persons develop into productive citizens. The process of meeting needs,which used to be called work, is now Playing Productively. Self-Governingpeoples form a democracy. Democracy Occurs. World Democracy is National Defense.Peaceful nations is National Defense. National defense is Peaceful WorldDemocracy. We have inherited the great gift of freedom and liberty. Preservationof freedom and liberty assures our future and the future of all. We are thelight of Democracy before the world.

Good human development brings freedom and liberty. Wrong human development isloss of liberty. One survival cure used in the past in distant places forrebellious reaction to being told what not to do was living in silence. One mayfeel rejected when one does not know they are in an environment where silence isbeing practiced. Whether silence is a cure or just preferred now that I knowwhen others prefer silence because their personal selection of quality living isin the reading material they have chosen to add value to the moment I can jointhem with adding quality to the moment with my own chosen selection of valuablewritten material. When the mind is filled others enjoy words of value. Peopletravel great distances to listen to learned people talk. Clean living peoplesenhance our earth’s vitality restoring and nurturing a clean planet. Homes,where good human development develops clean living citizens whose behavior doesnot need restricting by high energy prices, bring progress toward alternativeenergy. Workers in oil producing nations are learning skills to advance theirnation into higher skilled higher paid services. Citizen’s playing productivelyneeds will be met. Good behavior raises the market. The market out competes gasand oil for a profit. Here is the way. The work is ahead. Please keep marketcoolness, pay everything, and profit take. Please prevent jumping the marketcausing an investor to interfere with work and mail to buy in low for the nextride up. Scientific advancements in Human Development raise the market everyday. There are many stock markets in the world.

Good human development develops self-controlled functioning upon knowledge.Wrong human development is exterior dictating resulting in the need for exteriorsupport. To make a living on wrong human development there must be a drawing acircle around a person of exterior controlled what not to dos. The wrong humandevelopers expect enforcers, as themselves, to be paid enforcing what not todos. The person with the circle of what not to dos drawn around them becomes aslave of doing what not to dos for attention. Everyone becomes a slave tosupport what not to dos. For those trapped in outdated professions while cryingfor the world to continue earning a living on wrong human development they orothers sometimes convince people good human development and wrong humandevelopment are reversed. One solution is new careers in helping office, field,and home-based professions adapt to people’s true needs. A word of wisdom,”Avoid the appearance of evil.” since punish-mental persons seeing opportunitiesof evil may believe someone needs controlling.

A point on top of the ear indicated holding onto the top of the ear behaviormanagement but they grew up to be men with a great deal of power. In the storyof Brer Bear, and Brer Fox, and Brer Rabbit, Brer Rabbit was stuck in the tarbaby. Brer Bear and Brer Fox were thinking of what to do with Brer Rabbit sincethey had made the tar baby to catch Brer Rabbit. Brer Rabbit said, “Please,don’t throw me in the briar patch.” Brer Bear and Brer Fox threw Brer Rabbit inthe briar patch. Brer Rabbit jumped up and down and said, “I told you not tothrow me in the briar patch. The Briar Patch is my home.” A caught con wants theprotection of thick walls where all his needs are met for the length of timesociety will be angry. Where does a con not want you to throw him? Society wantsto be free from the con not knowing how to meet his needs appropriately.Everyone is happy so the process is not punishment other than being witheveryone else society is angry at however a con is in joint company whileinnocent persons are not but does it develop people into meeting needsappropriately?

Good behavior develops mentally and physically healthy people. Doctors andnurses earn a living being leaders in mental and physical health and curingthose who profit by wrong human development and communism since what they made aliving on is outdated prehuman development. Your health, not your unhealth, willbe rewarding to the Doctor and nurse. The Doctor and nurse need you as well asyou needing them so once you are healthy do remember the entire medicalprofession and all supporting fields still need to make a living. It is yourturn to make them feel loved. Freeing people from past captivities is worthyemployment. Hiring a lawyer with success in accomplishing right givesco-security for the right since you have the right to offer the lawyer while theother might have the wrong to offer. Lawyers help the balance in society ofrebelliousness counteracting obeying a dictator the amount of rebelliousness insociety being equal to the amount of dictating. Being caught in the trap is notnecessary for those who do not practice dictating or being dictated unto. Manysuccessful companies have their own insurance department. Intelligence addsvalue to the environment and the economy. Developed productive persons may betaught through fables defense against obedient enslavement to exterior commandsand orders by punished no-self-control requesting the exterior control they wereraised upon manipulators and their motives to gain go power by feeding untruthfor others to function upon believing others are wrong to be so naive.Wrongdoing does not feed itself. If something needs exterior support is therewrong doing which must be feed by exterior support? Exterior support causespollution. Productivity is fun. People who tell you what not to do may berebellious themselves and while you are not picking up your baby and holdingyour baby their not picking up their baby and holding their baby is imagination.I listened to my baby and let such advice sail off in the wind. With the help ofcarriers and snuggles holders my baby was always with me. My baby was sopositively directed active holding him became treasured moments. Clean safeplaces for the crawler to explore while being carefully watched develops thebrain and body. Goal focusing keeps Toddlers going in a positive direction.Climbing is a toddler stage that can be easily provided for by many happymoments of climbing up and sliding down. Children’s physical activity educatesthe brain in how fast the body is growing helping develop coordination the brainappreciating the goodness physical activity gives to the body. The arms growinglonger than the brain knows results in a glass of milk being pushed over beforethe hand can clasp the glass. Cups with handles are useful during growth spurts.Raising the level of average is how to get ahead without leaving others behind.The best human developers served in many lands accomplishing goal oriented humandevelopment around the world. Human development knowledge is catching up withworld progress. We know behavior that supports life.

Man are meadow makers when “The more edge the better around a meadow for thewildlife to go in and out of the forest safely to graze on grass the sunlightcan reach.” Rule changes rectangle clear cuts from ugly useless patches touseful functions within the forests providing meadows. Grazing causes NativeAmerican grasses to thrive.

The Land of Milk and Honey (Bible) which is now desert with intelligent planningagain returns to Lands of Milk and Honey. Shawna my American River BiologyTeacher said, “Deserts repel rain, and trees and plants attract rain.” Deserts,I believe are not natural earth habitats but man made literal ruins from ancientcivilizations. Where deserts are today were man’s natural places upon the earthwere man fit into the ecosystem. Planting one tree in the middle will not turndeserts back into Milk and Honey Lands but Suburban and Urban Forests (MagazineUrban Forests) begin around the rim and grow inward. Soil is a mixture of sand,clay, and humus. Many deserts already have the sand. Lizards make good pets andadapt to nature centers. Ground burrowers aerate and fertilize soil, and buildunderground rivers allowing rainwater to absorb rather than striking the top ofhard unpenetrable ground carrying off topsoil. Quality feeding ground burrowersis a valuable contribution to nature. Before deserts repelled moisture causingit to rain on Noah’s mountain and flood down into the valley mists watered theearth at night. Melting snow mist crystals flow into streams. Man has advancedhis knowledge of caring for the earth. More permanent roads may not be neededsince we will be free to have alternative air transport, most populations livealong waterways, and home life will be enjoyable and productive. My high schoolBiology teacher taught our class about wind factors. When one is driving 55miles an hour in still air a 55 mile an hour wind is blowing on the front of thecar. Capturing the wind in wind tunnels containing many small whirling pinwheelskeeps electricity going to the battery of an electric car, boat, or airplane.Extending the length of the vehicle the wind tunnels leave clean air in back Mychildren being positively directed I was never afraid of their being perpetualmotion. Being free to move as a result of their good behavior they enjoyed stillactivities.

Science is all known measurable or related truths and newly revealed truths inthe search for truth. The eighth edition of Science and Technology McGraw-HillEncyclopedia defines science as, “The study of nature and natural phenomena.”Scientists categorize truth and those categories are called sciences. The firstsentence of many books is “This is the science of . . .” The rule of science is,”All science is Repeatable.” For newly discovered results to be presented asscience to the scientific community a scientist must establish a written formulawith written step just like a construction plan producing the same results everytime just like a construction plan. Scientists have taken all possiblecombinations of chemical reactions and discovered life does not come fromnon-life by chemical reactions therefore we do know it is not possible to beginlife by any combination of chemical reactions. Scientists can write a formulawith all possible combinations of chemical reaction and the results. The formulawill always obtain repeatable results of the combination of all possiblechemical reactions Those results are science. Scientists can write a formulawith repeatable results that sustain life. We are the receivers of allaccumulated knowledge throughout history of how to sustain life. Knowledge keepsdeveloping. We do know time is infinite. Time always was. Was there time withoutlife? Life always was. Life forms complement each other. If your house is cleanyou are the life form in the house. If your house needs cleaning nature will addlife forms such as ants. If your yard is clean you are the life form in theyard. If your yard needs cleaning nature will add life forms such as flies. Ifyou are clean and flies come to your picnic they are just the neighbor’s yardcleaners. An old American Indian proverb is life is growing short if one sees anowl face to face. Owls feed on mice cleaners. If the environment supportssurvival of long winged owls long winged owls will be surviving parents for thenext generation. The earth is our home. Maintaining our home and our life is ourresponsibility. Man keeps advancing his knowledge of how to sustain life. I amgreatful to all my ancestors for developing the science of sustaining life. Thewhole natural foods of the earth complement the needs of our body. Scientistsuse tools called theories in their search for truth. A theory is the question,”Could this be true?” Theories are questions used in the search for answers.

For bad guys going good protection from old associates still expecting bad guycooperation may be acquired in the future by teamwork in going good anonymous.All a guy needs to say to his old associates is he is a member of going goodanonymous and he is free of expectations of being bad and free to be good for aliving. Providee’s positive effect on the provider’s ability to provide mayresult in possible continued providee provider relationship.

Families are the soil where people are developed into good students. Addressingthe subject of obedience, what are a two year old’s communication skills? DoctorDodson says “A two year old may not be able to obey the same as a six yearold.”, and if one is taught the only reason one does or does not do something isbecause someone says they might not know the other reasons and when the someonewho says to or not to is not able to control there is no other reason. Inabilityto reason results. Inability to reason is the cause of low class. Forcedobedience causes rebellion. Forced obedience and rebellion are connected notforces obedience and goodness. Rebellious may accuse any goodness as being theresult of obedience. Productivity is power. Power used to support meeting needsis desirable. Power used to tell someone what to do or not do causes lack ofability to reason resulting in inability to survive without exterior support.Inability to reason is given less power in society by giving one whole class thesame assignment and grading each child on how well they completed the assignmentcausing a division between the classes to determine professions. With less powerto tell people what to do or not to do what crossing over their circle of whatnot to dos deceptive ways are used to gain power to tell people what to do ornot to do? How many people do they want power over? What powers have been andare being captured to tell people what to and not to do? The records switchingproject where the records of the good students were switched with the records ofthe poor students to see how the teachers grade the following years will be usedto learn from to apply objective grading rather than fission families. I was oneof those students my report card for the three quarters of the school year afterMarysville flooded being filled in with undesirable marks while I was unable toattend school the Yuba City school and schools in the area taking in all thechildren they could but my birthday being at the end of the year I was lowpriority. I received an A in Behavior Observations and know how to writeobjective reports. To tell others what to do or not to do may not be effective.Engaging children in quality activities is effective. If we are effective withsome but not all people will start wondering about a division in the classes andmay do the equivalent of a record switch. Providing education to meet the needsof each student makes education fulfilling rather than giving one whole classthe same assignment and grading each child on how well they completed theassignment in order to create a division between the classes to determineprofessions but also creating a division that keeps growing wider. A positiveself-concept is everyone’s need. Doctors and nurses no longer need to nurse thelong line of failure causing a division between the classes used to lower into alife of mindless work. Solutions for the future do not include upside downinghistory in order to reverse the continually wider division between the classes.Black hats are switched with white hats their qualifications being what theyknow about while sometimes testing how much authority can get away with, andmental health workers thinking they already know everything anyway using theirpower to cheat their way through college and to abuse people believing abuse isthe power to tell people what to and not to do while saying if they were treatedlike that they would be crazy therefore everyone is crazy having people joinbeing crazy for profit with a social life. Having been judged in the past theydefend for the future by judge-mental ness bate profits. Those who cheat callsuccess idealistic or unrealistic and spend their lives working to teach peoplethe way things really are. Example, “It’s the nineties.” Those who try very hardand do not succeed may be jealous of people who do succeed. What results fromjealousy? Some who want to elevate themselves out of menial labor obtain moneyto pay menial labor with profits on physical repair. Who did it for money andpower? Warning of danger becomes controlling by danger. The premises for highclass deserving to be switched to low class are based upon high class knowingnot to talk to the inability to reason that people will know how it feels tohave people not talk to them either thus attributing not talking to people beingbased upon finances rather than low class inability to reason and changing whosedecision it is not to talk to people unless being paid to talk to people paymentalso including being bribed, based upon high class being too high to see otherpeople’s problems, based upon high class being the result of others being pushedunder, and based upon false accusation of high class hurting the feelings of lowclass by having low class manners. In the information era the average productiveintelligence will be greater than the greatest in history. Educated people arepersonally qualified to determine how to earn a living meeting people’s needshaving their own needs and the needs of their family met in return. Our Stewardsare our greatest asset in a world changing from being prepared for failure tobeing prepared for success in human development. Looking at the labor force as awhole with all workers contributing to the needed labor helps show wagesincrease in all fields for everyone who accomplishes professional adaptation,thus contributing to the economy. The future is a new place. Faith has developedinto knowledge and keeps advancing into knowledge of the laws of physics,society development, logic, and reasoning so one can appear to break the laws ofphysics while actually functioning upon them. Erik Erickson famous childpsychologist said at the age of eighty, “Play your whole life.”

The Bible defines the adversary as “the accuser” or as my mother said, “Whatthey say is what they are.” which is the only thing they can make a living onAccusers may slander to excuse their own behavior claiming revenge and tocapture productive energy forcing choices of joining slave people to supportbehavior that does not support itself or be slaved. What reverse psychology isused by the con to gain being punished into what is wanted for all time as aresult of being coldly rejected? Some family members of profiteers who get theirneeds met by wrong doing gain wealth by sturring up trouble. Those who cry aboutbeing abused are accused of reacting which may cause someone to harm back whomakes a living on what they are which is fine to them but undesirable to othersbecause their profit system is different which they prefer. If one tells themwhat you are paying them so much money for will they make sure of it? The goalis developing what they are and say into earning a living. May you be productiveand free. Productive Self-Governing Citizens is the goal. But the fruit of theSpirit is Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness,Self-Control, against such there is no law. From verse 22 of 5th Galatians. Weneed to develop a science of how to develop into productivity influences such asones who plan to make a secure continual living on wrong human development andgain business by giving bad advice. I work with providers who elevate byeducating and providing quality living. Hoping this information brings freedom.While researching I asked a man, “If someone hit you would you work?” He said,”Of course No.” Someone who was trying to run people’s lives on the basis of histhinking which was invalid reasoning said he has been doing so with everyoneelse’s life before mine which could explain the long recession. Cries of wrongdoing bring the response, “He will get his.” share. Choosing your own course andsticking with your own course lets people know you choose your path in behalf ofothers and the earth.

Biological feedback equipment can detect body functions and transmit discomfortcausing one to buy relief eliminating brains putting dictators in power. Allenergy is convertible to useful energy. Redirect to honest earnings. Discouragestock in over the counter repair and profits from other repair also which may beused to cause further need of repair. Biofeedback equipment can also detect theprofessor’s movements, steal the consciousness off the brains of the students,and lip read as it did during the draft Not having studied a dictator’s thinkinghas no educational foundation but is propaganda which violates the laws oflogic, if-then-therefore, and the laws of reasoning, deductive and inductive, oris not supported by evidence. We need national defense to support citizensearning an honest living. Combat does not prevent communism but is the cause asin China after the Boxer Rebellion and in Russia after loss of manpower aftercombat. America has been in a thirty year recession from which America is justcoming out. The military need not feel it needs to develop people into needingto be controlled for military job security. Raphael said, “It is easy to get twopeople sitting next to each other fighting. Someone hits one over the back ofthe head. He thinks it is the other and hits the other over the head.” The moreone hits the other over the head the more one is hit over the back of the headbecause the one hit over the back of the head always thinks it is the other. Isfighting good for wrong human development profiteering businesses the businessof war driving the whole world crazy for love of money and power? Others may winat their own game drawing big powers into the conflict on their side by makingthe other look in the wrong. Appearing as they really are is covered to acommunist who can exterior support phony appearances of innocence and peace.Yes, Communists are wrong human development profiteers, profiting from peopleliving on their own and others’ wrong human development by living on supportfrom others. However, reverse logic is not valid logic therefore not proving allwrong human development profiteers to be communist but still living on wronghuman development profiteering. What portion of our taxes support wrong humandevelopment profiteering?

If the China military earned a living on world unity the China military couldsupport world unity. If the world militaries earned a living supporting worldunity the world militaries could support the China military supporting worldunity. Would a military government leader maintain power by sturring up troublewith other military forces in the world? Some military personnel have been usingmilitary power to cross over their circle of past exterior controlled what notto dos for the purpose of being supported to dictate. World wrong humandevelopment is world military dictatorship.

Education is the foundation for governing, an educated citizenry being qualifiedto self-govern. Equipment used to bypass studying deletes qualifications togovern. One does not want one who did not study telling anyone what to do. Wouldmilitary personnel gain job security, fame, and dictatorship by attacking thepeople while making another peoples look responsible? Does world trade decreasethe business of war? Is an act of war good for the business of war? For militarypower and profits how easy is it to get people from the same country onairplanes? A new department of the reserves adapting military to civilianearnings needs military support by being rewarding. How was the radar over thePentagon and on top of the world trade buildings functioning? The Doctors bothphysical and mental will have lots of work curing the elderly and military whoprofit by communism and profit by supporting the dictatorship side of a conflictas a result of people being attacked by one side of a conflict who makes theother side look like the attacker. Please contract the military to recognize andestablish their own good behavior toward citizens of Democracy and developingDemocracies though advancing world Democracy closes military bases. World goodhuman development will put the military out of work. The military since theirexistence is the result of wrong human development may need positive directingby the government of self-governing peoples.

We need to be managing the military and helping military personnel adapt.Emergency response has already been tried. Emergencies can be created. Peacefulborder control needs to continue being in the hand of people who benefit frompeace. Protection is developing others into meeting needs productively. Manymeet their needs by pity and believe they are doing others a favor by meetingother’s needs by pity also causing bawling for a living while coming between oneand one’s right to earn a living. What does, “Give’em the business.” mean?National conflict changing heads of households from men to elderly will not benecessary. Communism thrives by giving bad advice. Elderly who experience theirneeds are met because families are divided may divide families to meet theirneeds. Thank you for protecting people from wrong human development advice forsupporting militaries, for supporting wrong human development profiteers, foreliminating the competition for quality elderly care, and to fission familiesinto service to them all. Is all abuse and terror good for wrong humandevelopment profiteering? Does polluting eliminate the competition?

Thank you for educating people out of being exterior controlled to prevent tooovereducated to become slaves. Elderly care by the community means elderlyreceive care by the good human community development they have developed and aredeveloping. In the past elderly may have learned to have their needs met inconditions of snowballing wrong human development while these conditions werenot good for the rest of society. Please redirect to Democracy Elderly Care. Forcontinued quality elderly care society needs to be strong. Powers for exteriorsupport will no longer count elderly as big power for dictatorship that issupported by the people’s labors.

Since the constitution places the people over the military not the military overthe people as citizens we need to manage a military containing some air forcepersonnel using military power and time to work in behalf of their God who theyplan to come and tell everyone what to do with the help of the military themilitary attacking people’s brains making limitations that people will loosetheir freedom to wrong human development profiteers helping tell people what todo also, some people being told to attack other people’s brains that others canreceive the same financial reward system by living on the people. Is it safe inthe air? Biofeedback equipment used to steal the consciousness off people’sbrains leaves the population defenseless to a dictator’s inability to reason,the inability to reason used as power to control to wrong. Having brains is thelegal definition of life. No one wants to be a robot. For the inability to logicand reason to attempt to seduce others into joining them brains may have beenattacked first. The night of the hits I dreamed one form with many faces said,”We proved we have the power to hit. Now you have to do whatever we say.” If onelets them control the plane, where will it go? Since power is their goal doingwhat they say gives them power. Dictators have not studied. If they had theywould know better. Do those who develop thieves expect to be exterior supported?Is the leader of thieves a thief? Was national defense stolen by thieves fortheir defense and applied to the power of thieves? When around the corner withinwalking distance the sermon after the attack was about how the terror attack wasdriving people to God and they hoped we did not need too many more of thesethings before people turned to God I knew the predator ate the shepherd and hiswife the medical attendant was feeding on the flock abused bodies medicalprofiteers masterminding terror and war for a profit. The attack was holy terrordictatorship that needs to be exterior supported. Are they afraid to come outand work the only thing they can make a living on being to drive society crazy?Where was the sermon we went to hear? Dictatorship is based upon violations ofthe laws of intelligent thought processes. Punish-mental persons setting othersup to be accused my give dictators power over workers acquiring labor to supporttelling peoples what to and not to do. Telling people what to and not to do doesnot support itself. Men who are warriors may be supported instead of supportingleaving the work to the woman and others. Raphael said, “When white man came toAmerica they found woman doing all the work and thought they could improve on asystem like that.” and “Treat a tramp like a lady and treat a lady like atramp.” Intelligence is slandered when F grades are switched to A gradesresulting in wrong thinking it is right and people saying intelligence isdangerous. The F grade thinking it is right is a dictator needing to becontrolled out of bossing people. An F grade may mess up thought processes withintent. Function on an education, not on what an F grade says. The amount ofpunish-mental ness is equal to the amount of need for war profits. How ispunish-mental ness used to fuel war? Have punish-mental people made punishmentlook like suicide in the past? Can punishment be made to look like suicidebombing? Does people being harmed while going after a suspect embarrass some outof going after the real guilty party?

The King’s job was to protect his kingdom. Not being naive was a requirement forhis job. A king had to know his sociology. The king had to see to all the needsof his people. Being king was not a job for complacency or dictating. If beingking began to look like exterior support or dictating to people in his kingdomwho he allowed hunger for exterior support and dictating, exterior supporteddictatorship, he lost his job and his kingdom. Some Military personnel may betrapped by unconsciousness into the only way they can have their needs met.Rasputin may have been already needing exterior physical electrical processessupport. If the Czar’s relatives and Czararina Alexandria had scientificknowledge we have today they may have been able to give Rasputin life andprotected by adjusting exterior enforcements thus permitting plus teachingothers to meet their needs productively. We may all have our own Rasputinscontrolling by unconsciousness who can live without personal physical energyprocesses better than anyone else while living for attention and be working onsolutions. The more exterior what not to dos they are given the more exteriorsupport they need. Exterior what not to dos and exterior support are attentionand can be mistaken for love. At school one child punched another child in thetummy and then threw himself down kicking and screaming as if he was the onepunched. Was I supposed to accuse the other person? A false prophet is oneprophesying the results of their own punishing. A genius whose contribution isvaluable to the world is exempt from the draft. Knowing human developmentprotects one from not knowing when one sees or experiences wrong humandevelopment.


Scientific Peace Formula.

Quality Parenting and Teaching equals Democracy. Researcher Janet Hartwick.Thank You for GREAT SERVICE ! ! ! Thank You Minute Women and Minute Men.Intellectual Materials Copyright. My Testimony in Peace Parenting Written 1996and Published, updated.

Prosperity spread through many lands during a time of great depression as aresult of the people being taught the teachings of their three great prophetsAbraham teaching one God, Moses teaching the ten commandments, and Jesusteaching the first and second great commandments ‘Thou salt love the Lord thyGod with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This isthe first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it. Thou salt lovethy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the laws of theprophets.’ by Mohammad who joined a camel caravan at the age of fourteen. Howeasy is it for the anti-Christ to get two peoples who believe in the teachingsof Jesus fighting?

Professional Adaptation Education from being prepared for failure to beingprepared for success in human development needed. One wrong human developmentmajor minored in adaptation to good human development. Hopefully in the futurethere will be a law requiring alternative sources of income for wrong humandevelopment profiteers. Forever innocence investigated forever is forever pay.Professional adaptation causes less competition for people living on wrong humandevelopment. What can be done for the policeman who is mad at innocence becausewhat will he do for money? Professional Adaptation Please. Protect your childfrom being turned into a wrong human development profiteer by wrong humandevelopment profiteers because your child is good.

Wrong human development profiteers accusing and gaining prey by the legalprocess, sometimes holding court, and eating the results is cannibalism.Cannibals hate “self-righteous” people and accuse the other before being accusedespecially when having done something wrong. What does a cannibal call winning?What does friends and popularity mean to a cannibal? Would they choose a thieffor their leader? Whose profit system is harming people? Is a cannibal in lovewith being crazy for profit with a social life? One person’s complaint of beingabused while the abuser was pointing a finger at her and calling her crazyreceived the response the abuser’s family was in the mental health business andthey could only make a living on what they were winning at what they were betterthan anyone else their considering her sanity a hard nut to crack. While theyare inflicting people with their inability to reason, they are willing to bepaid to give the cure to see things their way by forcing people to talk to theinability to reason. The opening Pandora’s box look of “Let them do anythingthey want?” excuse for punishing indicates lack of leadership, lack ofsupervision, lack of providing positive choices of things to be doing, lack ofproviding, lack of providing and being good companionship, and lack of educationin enjoying the good things in life. Does an extended related family member ofmental health profiteers joining a religion and making a phony marriage unwantedby the bride who was engaged when she did not want to be as a result of hearingherself say yes against her wishes to his, “This is your last chance. Will youmarry me?” with a two night honeymoon of falling asleep watching him sit in aneasy chair in a dark room with the light of the T.V. facing him reflect hisshape preceding fainting regularly after having the flue for over a month tocome to, to see him come through the room door bare-chested holding a plunger,that was alibied with darling artificially inseminated children acquired bystanding on one’s head while assuming for four years he came home at night notbeing able to wait up till midnight for another year his not being there whenshe awoke during the four years and deceiving the people into opening Pandora’sbox to control a person out of real marriage with years of not having the flueafter years of having the flue where she learned microscopic does not alwaysmean not seen upon sight back into a phony marriage but really into twenty-fourhour three hundred and sixty-five day a year live-in elderly care eliminate thecompetition for elderly care, Sunday the day of rest, in behalf of dictatorship?Asking to prove a phony marriage may result in revengeful wild accusations.Another purpose for pulling a phony marriage may have been to make marriage looklike exterior control abuse making doing right look like the result of exteriorcontrol abuse and doing wrong looking better than wrongful abuse to change wrongto right making doing wrong look justified. Revenge upon people who do notbelieve in harming people or doing revenge is harming without being harmed back.Pulling a phony marriage upon descendants of Abraham because Abraham’s GrandsonJacob had two wives, Rachel and Leah, for revenge upon plural marriage is uponpeople of a different time and different circumstances. When Raphael said it wasa fact that he hated his mother I did not know he belonged to a group ofmotherhood hater mental health profiteers seeking power. Not being judge-mentalbecause one sees their own wrong doing does not mean people are judge-mentalbecause they are innocent. Having knowledge in behavior management, a husbanddoes not need to be so afraid of behavior he keeps his wife in bed every day byplacing his fingers on her pressure points while she sleeps or if caughtsprinkles dehydrated rattle snake venom on her bed sheets. Communism andreligion do not mix. Democracy elderly care is good for the people. Let’s leadand provide. Discipline discipl(in)e , meaning disciple of, is being positivelyengaged in enriching activities. Mary the mother of Baby Jesus was artificiallyinseminated other babies of artificial insemination not being alone

This script is sent to you without request for purse. Anyone asking for pursemay be fueling wrong behavior. Raising the market may attract calls for pityrewards from wrong human development profiteers placing themselves in your handsthe hands of professional adaptation rather than you in theirs for a living.Anyone calling saying they represent me, it is not true but representatives ofthe records switchers seeking financing for highly expensive constant moralphysical financial and spiritual abuse to drive workers to live in elderlyservice. Warnings have turned to promises of physical abuse to support themedical profession living on taxes to support communism and to support peopleneeding money to pay the medical profession by working for communists, slanderand slave, being slandered and abused out of other work, and turned to spiritualdictating by suspected threat of abuse (supersition) to back-seat drive people’slives . Feel free to generate upon any of my work. Do give all sources credit.Permission to Copy, Publish, and Broadcast

Where there abused bodies medical profiteers in the Donner Party resulting inthe Donner Party being trapped at Donner Summit? Please check the descendants ofthe Donner Party that settled below the snow line in California How are theyprofitting? The related extended family members of military psychiatrist Dr.Hamm and his former wife of Woodside Way Auburn California have given and planto give me the business following me to Portland, Missoula, and Billings evilspiriting harm. One can tell a cheating spirit because it will disagree with thetext book. The related family members of their friend Mr. Cook are here too. Arethey giving others the business also? Did they bring with them the person whowas angry at people in eastern USA. Did the military follow me to Portland,Missoula, and Billings spiritually dictating, robbing my time, and leaving signsof physical abuse? Did descendents of the Donner Party follow me by militarytransport? The military is over twenty percent of the nation’s pollution. Earlyin the 1980’s Susan Sweet said, “In 1984 the pigs will take over the world.” Idid not know what she meant. Did Susan cause the pigs to take over the world?The imposter may be a pig. No one will believe a military pilot formerly ofclosed Mather Air Force Base who is angry Democracy closed his base down and hasabused me for the last ten years by military power because my profession is goodhuman development which results in Democracy is the real Terrorist and succeededin terror bringing in war profits to support him and his life style and otherswho live his life style but please prevent him from further acts of terror. Ihave been abused and if I am abused by him for his profits and others who joinhim for profits who else are they abusing military war games not needing to playboth sides having real Democracy to play spiritual and physical war upon? Pleasedisconnect power of the military over the labor force to reveal exteriorsupported phony appearances supporting exterior supported phony appearances. Iam at the present in Billings Montana and have been followed here by wrong humandevelopment profiteers. Please protect me and others from abuse and terror bywar profiteers. Their acts of terror really did result in war. How much moreterror to bring in war profits does he need? The military living on communisminstead of being successful fighting communism, they will live on terror insteadof being successful fighting terror giving the appearance of fighting terror tocause terror. Please protect the nations in the future from terror to stur upwar thus causing loss of man power which causes communism which supportsmilitaries. Is immorality nothing more than wanting attention, attention beingmistaken for love and having needs met? While walking past Dr. Hamm’s house onmy way to college when his second son walked up to me and said he had touchedeveryone and everything in a marital way and everyone else was to it also sowould I do it with him I was naive to think people could stop him since theywould not want him to touch them. I said I heard touching a frog gives warts. Healso said his father knows the only reason people are nice is because they havealterior motives. He said his big brother was “developing biofeedback” equipmentfor “medical” purposes. If he meant to say his father knows the only reasonpeople are nice is because they have ulterior motives to tell people what to andnot to do he did not say at that time. Please protect the earth. In the highschool cafeteria he had said “All men are garbage.” Upon my look ofdisagreement, after all Mr. Cleaveland was my fifth grade teacher, he said underhis breath, “All men are trash.” Is he out to prove his point? Does he plan touse trash to whip people into slavery? We need a better way to acquire laborthan to make a mess for the explosion to drive people to live-in elderly care toimposters in luxurious gowns. How many are sacrificed to the God of tellingpeople what to do and what not to do, the God of inability to logic and reason?A wrong human development profiteer knowing the only reason he is nice is usinginvalid thought processes to accuse people who are nice to have the samemotives. The inability to logic and reason may do unto others before others dounto them what is deserved playing life like a chess game making the firstmoves. Dr. Hamm’s son’s dark look alike cousin crossed the street in front of meas I walked to work June 10th. His frizzy hair was thinner than Dr. Hamm’s son’sthick frizzy blond hair. The adversary accuses the Lord and ones who believe indoing right claiming all they have because of past destructions of ancientwrongdoers. Believing most anyone can be convinced to be judge-mental along withothers who believe in doing right telling people what to and not to do is theirGod. People who people believe are not able to be good may be judged less thanpeople who are able to be good. Goodness in necessary to support people. Noahlived to be our gr-gr-gr-+ grandparent assuring the best parenting.

I need a tee shirt that says, “If you are going to slander me, please slander meout of twenty-four hour three hundred and sixty-five day a year live-in elderlycare where one becomes conscious to answer the door back into the rest of lifewhere I will freely serve elderly gladly as before as my Scottish mother did.”The send from Auto Complete Function on the public computer had my name in alllower case letters which I never do to names proving I have been slandered. Ican not do all the elderly care in the world causing me to wonder how the restof the needed elderly care is being acquired. Has the record switching projectswitched people into working of telling people what to or not to do? Who hasbeen switched into teaching human development? If I do not do it, it does notget done, people who work having their own work to do helping when they can,though others are switched into money for my work. Please pay no one. Where doesswitching life spans leave everyone? People living to be who they really are isembarrassing to those who slander and ones connected with them. How does rewardsystems results being switched effect the young? Addressing the subject ofrewards, good results in good rewards. The beneficiaries of good rewards are allbecause all who live have their life supported by good works sometimes their ownwhile sometimes their good works support others. Education in knowing what to doputs value in the dollar while telling people what to and not to do takes valueout of the dollar. The dollar obtained wrongfully by those who tell people whatto and not to do is used to tell people what to and not to do including to giveexterior support. Inefficiency is not profit but equals a minus value. Educationin knowing what to do replacing telling people what to and not to do increasesefficiency. Items used for the body other than nutrition and wholesomeness areinefficient in the economy. Efficiency in the economy replacing inefficiencyraises values. Feel free to write a rebuttal on communism the introduction totheir book defining history as the rising and falling of powers that capture theforces of productivity. The forces of productivity are milked. Not playingproductively, communists are boring. Demands may be cover by and for warprofiteers who can say anything about who they are and what their motives are.Honest people know how to meet their needs appropriately. Is war playing war onpeace because war needs war for profit? No matter what happens I will continueworking for peace. Who is working for foreign relations? My father not beingable to be with me instead of working for the FBI had only those who needexterior support to care about and be forced to care for so I have been forcedto care for them also however the future of the world needs to be strong andself-sufficient. I work for self-sufficiency. Rather than switching theuneducated with the educated to solve the division between the classes I workfor education.