Rattlers can enjoy getting carded

Students, faculty and staff may find that the Rattler card is quite convenient. It may be used on and off campus for a variety of things.

Jason James, 21, a junior business student from Lake City recommends that all freshmen invest in a Rattler card.

“I use my card to check out books in the library,” he said.

“Also, not only does the Rattler card serve as another valid source of identification, but it teaches you to be responsible when it comes to holding onto important things.”

According to Helen Eason, manager of the Rattler card office which is located in the student services center, the Rattler card is essential for students to have.

“For students who live on campus, the Rattler card may be used in their dorm to do their laundry, purchase snacks out of the vending machines and make copies in the Coleman Media Center,” she said.

Psalmlora Bell, 21, an architecture student from South Carolina has found many uses for her Rattler card.

“Not only do I use my card for the meal plan and to wash my clothes, I use my card to catch the bus for free and to get tickets for the football game and other activities on campus,” Bell said.

Eason added that students might find that their card benefits them off campus as well.

Capital City Bank applies their Smart Checking system to the Rattler card.

With this students can do banking through Capital City Bank.

The card can then be used in automatic teller machines, three of which are located on campus.

Capital City Bank allows students who have a “smart checking” account to have their net checks directly deposited and have 24-hour access to their funds via ATM or online.

Two other popular uses for the card include student discounts at movie theatres and free use of TalTran.

Because the card has so many ways that it can be applied, it is important that the card is cared for properly.

“The card should be kept in its cover that is given to the student when they get the card,” Eason said.

“If the card is not kept in its cover, contact with magnetic strips from other cards may cause the Rattler card’s magnetic strip to deactivate.

Eason also recommended that students do not put more than a couple dollars at a time on the card just in case it is lost or misplaced.

Rattler card machines that students can use to put money on their cards are located in most of the dorms and in the student services center.

For more information visit, http://www.famu.edu, and click on student services.