Leadership opportunities available to students

Are you a leader? Do you want to make a difference in the FAMU community? If so, the Student Government Association wants you. SGA provides opportunities for students to gain experience in self government. Tisa Holley, vice president of SGA, said there are opportunities for each major. “Getting involved is a good way for freshmen to network and make new friends,” said Holley, a senior health and fitness education student. “We have eight senate positions that need to be filled and eight agencies that freshmen can volunteer for.” SGA is composed of three main branches: legislative, executive and judicial. The Legislative Branch is known as the Student Senate. It is composed of eight students from each freshman, sophomore, junior and senior class. It is responsible for creating legislation for the student body. Each senator has to be elected by his or her respective class. The senate meets every Monday evening and the meetings are open to the public. The Executive Branch consists of the president, vice president and their cabinet. It is responsible for carrying out the laws made by the legislative branch. The Judicial Branch consists of the Student Supreme Court and the Student Traffic Court. The Supreme Court deals with student conduct cases and matters dealing with constitutional issues. The Traffic Court has jurisdiction over traffic cases involving students. Holley stresses to freshmen that do not want to serve in an elected or appointed position to volunteer their time with the different agencies. “To be a great leader, you have to know how to serve,” she said. “We have a saying around here ‘get in where you fit in.’ The puzzle isn’t complete unless students offer their part.” Students can volunteer for the Rattler Task Force, which is responsible for conducting surveys throughout the campus on students needs and concerns; Student Lobbying Task Force, which trains students to become FAMU lobbyists and helps with voter education and voter registration; and Health Council, which is responsible for holding health seminars and symposiums. Other programs that freshmen can become involved in are the Host Bureau, Publicity Team, Athletics Agency, Rattler Support Agency and Department of Economic Development Task Force. Ranaldo Allen, deputy secretary of academic affairs, also said getting involved with SGA is a way for freshmen to cultivate their love for the university. “Working for SGA prepares you for the real world,” said Allen, a sophomore business administration student. “SGA gives you hands-on experience.”Students can pick up volunteer applications in SGA on the second floor of the Old Student Union Building. Contact 599-3624 for more information.