Famuan increases frequency, outreach

Although you won’t find it on a course syllabus, or even on the shelves of the bookstore, it is likely to be read by more Rattlers than any other publication. What is it? The Famuan.

The Famuan, the campus newspaper, has been in publication since 1905 and under its present name since 1953. This fall The Famuan attempts a new feat, publishing three times a week- Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

With a circulation of over 4,000, “The Voice of Florida A&M University” encompasses the faculty, staff and students.

When there is something happening that’s going to affect FAMU, The Famuan is never far behind doing what it takes to keep the university informed.

Like other media organizations at FAMU, the staff consists of students. They are the reporters, writers, photographers and editors.

This year Vanessa Clarke, editor in chief for the fall, said she hopes to diversify content by focusing more on local issues and by branching out on campus.

“I want to inform the campus on different scholarships available and the cultural and international flavor of our student body,” Clarke said.

Local black businesses and the ‘Gaines Street Revitalization Project’ are two topics Clarke said will also be explored.

Every year, The Famuan receives numerous awards from various media organizations. According to the Black College Communication Association, the Famuan is the most frequently published newspapers of all HBCU publications.

In 2002, The Southern Regional Press Institute named The Famuan, “Best newspaper.”

Rasheedah Shabazz, a senior political science student from Philadelphia, said she’s not surprised The Famuan has won so many awards.

“Everytime I look, there’s a new issue or special issue in the stand,” she said.

Every issue, Shabazz makes sure to read her favorite section.

“The first thing I turn to is the weekly campus activities,” she said. “It’s great because it provides information for students who live off campus who may not get it otherwise.”

The Famuan is always open to ideas and suggestions. Clarke and The Famuan staff can be reached at thefamuan@hotmail.com. More information on the newspaper can also be found at the website: www.thefamuan.com.

The Famuan will be holding a boot camp the weekend of August 30. This boot camp is for anyone interested in working with The Famuan or getting some beneficial information that can aid them in future organizations or other publications. Registration forms are available online or in Tucker Hall rm. 309.