Congratulations, we are watching…

This note comes from an alum who, like most, misses the days spent on the highest of seven hills. As an active alumni member, I try to savor the memories while continuing to enhance the legacy of Florida A& M University. The Humphries Era closes with the University having tripled in size, and probably prestige. As alumni, we pay a lot of attention to how the school is represented. Besides, we do our damnedest to brag on FAMU whenever the opportunity arises. While we look forward to the growth and ascension of our athletic programs and facilities, there is a new platform by which our school is being represented and viewed probably more than any other henceforth. This platform is the internet. While I must congratulate you on this website, I challenge you to maintain the highest standards for presenting these pages. Remember it will serve to represent the school in various capacities. God be with you as you continue to deliver “Excellence with Caring” to the world online.

Thanks,Isiah Coats, Jr.

FAMU Spring 1996