We need summer school

The students have expressed an interest in or requested, by survey, summer school courses to be held for summer 2002. Because Leon and surrounding county schools are not offering a summer school program, it would be a great benefit to offer summer school classes. Although there are many reasons why summer school would be advantageous, the object is to act as a general panacea for some of the challenges the school is currently facing.

The surveyed public has chosen their position in this matter. They believe that summer school will be a real asset to FAMU DRS and a great opportunity for the students.

Arranging for a summer school session this year will significantly favor FAMU DRS’s position. The school is currently on a seven periods per day schedule, in which the students receive seven credits per school year.

Summer school will allow students to catch up with other pupils who are able to utilize block scheduling, which is a system in which eight credits are earned per school year.

Summer school will also aid in the alleviation of concerns or requirement for funds. Because other schools in the immediate area no longer provide the use of summer school, the increased number of admissions will generate revenue.

With FAMU DRS being the only solicitor for a service that has a vast market and a high demand, the school will be the only beneficiaries of the proceeds.

Accompanied by recognition for offering summer school courses, is the possibility for an increase in enrollment, which will also contribute to the previously collected monies.

Supplying classes during the summer could recruit newcomers and replenish the student body. Analysis depict a desire for summer school, so manifest the desire os the populace-masses. Or (that stats don’t lie.)

Should I mention cost? They want it, but are not willing to pay”?