Rattlers prepare to end season, recruit

Golf season is just about at an end and the task of recruiting is drawing closer.

After the Minority Championships in May, coach Marvin Green, once again, must find younger players to replace those leaving.

“This is no easy task,” Green said, “Especially in a sport such as golf. Unlike the basketball and football programs, we don’t have many prospects. We don’t have a large pool from which to choose.”

Like baseball, a golf team is comprised of nine players. Since the lowest four are the only ones counted, there is no need for extras. There is, though, a problem in the apparent lack of young players.

“We are only looking for three players, but it’s tough.” To date, Green has been successful in finding three candidates.

“We have one in New Jersey, Michigan and Florida.”

Overall, the team has done well. With a 306 average, the team has been pretty consistent this season. Highlights include a first place finish at the Coca-Cola Classic in Atlanta Sept. 19-21, and a third place finish in the FAMU Invitational March 6-8.

“We’ve done ok, but we still have not reached our full potential,” said Jack Hoenes, a 19-year-old agricultural business student from Watsonville, Calif.

With the cancellation of the Liberty University tournament this week, the Rattlers have even more time to prepare for their season’s climax.

“We expect to win,” said Hoenes, referring to the National Minority Championships held on May 9-13 at Port St. Lucie, Fla.

The current team is comprised of Tirrel Baymon and Battiste Broadus of Atlanta, Jack Hoenes from Watsonville, Calif., Pat Irwin from Tallahassee, Brandon Kiel of Los Angeles, Shaun McEwen of Pheonix and Jaydeep Sandhu from Nairobi, Kenya.