Job hunting proves to be challenging concept

“You got a job?”

That’s usually the first thing a college graduate is asked after he or she is congratulated on getting their degree.

In the process of obtaining a degree, graduating seniors must also prepare for entering the work force after college.

Delores Dean, director of FAMU’s Career Center, said students need to come in and register early.

” Students need to take advantage of the career center,” said Dean.

Dean described the job placement process.

She said when students come in , they place their resume online through

Also, companies that recruit FAMU students send faxes and e-mails about job openings.

In addition, all attendees of the spring and fall career fairs have their resume placed on a CD-ROM which is sent to prospective employers.

“We try to help students as much as we can,” said Dean.

As of April 9, 2002, 63% of students that have registered with the career center during the 2001-2002 school year have been placed with jobs according to Dean.

That figure is down from 70% for the 2000-2001 school year.

Dean said the decrease is due to the state of the economy and the job market.

Persephone Taylor, a FSU graduate student, will receive her masters in health policy this semester.

She said it’s important to plan ahead when looking for a job.

“It doesn’t make sense to wait until after graduation,” said Taylor.

In her quest for employment, Taylor has updated her portfolio and searches job finding sites on the Internet (i.e. and

Taylor added it’s important toestablish relationships at internships.

“I’m relying on old sources for references, recommendations, and leads,” said Taylor.

Kandy Woods, a FAMU graduate student will receive her masters in public health this semester.

She said her schedule hasn’t permitted her to search for a job like she wants to.

Woods interns 20 hours a week in addition to working full-time at night.

Woods said that geographical location is her number one priority in searching for a job.

” I’m not trying to rush,” said Woods. “I want to get somewhere, live, and be there.”

If graduates don’t find employment during the summer months, Dean said alumni can still attend the Career Expo which is held at the Civic Center every fall.

“We still want them [alumni] to register with the career center so their resume can be viewed,” said Dean.

“You never know what can come open. Jobs change on a daily basis.”