Graduate recalls lessons learned

Well, we finally made it! It probably seems as though we just started college a few days ago and now we’re graduating. Remember the nights when we stayed up late playing spades at the Foote? Or what about the time when there was that food fight in the old café? What about the freshman year panty raid that resulted in us girls forming a more than 200-woman army to fight against the boys on the lawn of Truth, Wheatley, Cropper? Or better yet, winning the 1999 Clash of the Classes at Be Out Day? Remember the bomb scares and threats and the marches to the Capitol. Boy, haven’t we overcome a lot? I do sympathize for all who had to encounter parking tickets, towaways, long lines, tripping while walking on the Set and especially that rude lady in the – well, you know what office. I bet you thought we went through those tough times for nothing: lost friends, broken hearts, bounced checks or no net checks. FAMU was just teaching us a couple of lessons about life. Now that we’re at the end of our journey, I realize that we should be quite ready to combat any task. Though our walks of life will be different and some paths will never be crossed again, know that I thank you, class of 2002, for the life-long lessons you have taught me. May we remember and apply our experiences to our future endeavors and never forget that we are Rattlers for life!

Wakisha Douglas is a 21, senior newspaper journalism student from Alexandria, Va. She can be reach ed at