Campus police still investigating hazing

Lt. Louis Wichers said the Florida A&M University hazing and hospitalization case of former Marching 100 band member Marcus Parker is not closed.

Wichers, of the Criminal Investigation Unit for the FAMU Police Department, said he is looking for another suspect involved in aggravated battery against Parker.

The hazing took place Nov. 8, 2001. Wichers said he was informed Nov. 12. And FAMU PD started arresting Nov. 15.

It is now five months later and the defendants have each pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery and one year probation. Kristopher Mumford, Malik Littles, David

Benoit, Carl Edwards, Justin Green and William Tanelus all pleaded guilty on counts of misdemeanor battery.

Wichers said there are others who were arrested and charged but their cases are still pending. Those people are Andre Cunningham, Anthony Gamble, Jimmy Simmons, Shawn McGriff and Andre Columbi.

It is uncertain at this point if Columbi, Green and Littles were students at Tallahassee Community College,Florida State University or FAMU.

Wichers said the hazing took place at Green’s apartment off of Old Bainbridge Rd.

Parker, who was a freshman trumpet player from Jacksonville, suffered kidney failure and as a result he spent five days in the hospital.

Wichers said it took a lot of hard work conducting the investigations. “Hazing victims generally don’t want to talk,” Wichers said. “And the people who did it don’t want to talk.”

But Wichers said through the interviews with many different band members lead the PD to arrest and charge the young men.

Wichers did not want to identify the suspect at large. He said there is a warrant out for his arrest. Wichers said after the suspect is arrested and other pending

charges for other defendants are finalized, the case would be closed. He does not know exactly when that will be.