Support Internship Placement

April 7, 2002

Dear Editor:

Internship placements for students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) bestow crucial chances for experiences in many fields of study. Advertising, alumni and student support for such placements should be increased at FAMU.

As a test effort, FAM 1000 was started in order to promote paid internship placement opportunities. A unique opportunity was made available but it turned out to be “seldom used.”

In the forum section of under the topic of Financial Aid, some valuable information was posted. FAMU students and other visitors could access information about paid internships. Also two internship placement programs for HBCU undergraduate and graduate students were included.

Unfortunately FAM 1000 failed this semester. Advertising, alumni and many students did not support because promotion of the test effort did not exist. However, I do want to thank you FAMU and other collegiate students who used the “seldom used” to secure paid internships.

Better luck next year FAMU. Support internship placement!


Roger F. Harrisfam1000_@hotmail.comFAMU Class of 1995

P.S. Financial Aid is spelled incorrectly inside the forum page on the message board at the following location: