When the world gets to meI just wanna curl up and dieRun to my secret placeLock the door and hideBut now even the infinite space of my imagination is closing in and pushing me outIf I can’t stand myself then who canI look at myself and curse the day God made man

I hear it at churchStay in the raceHear it at homeDon’t give up faceBut how am I supposed to when I have no self-esteemMy idols sayFollow your dreamsNo matter how hard it seemsBut why catch a star if there’s no one to see it shineLife’s taking its toll on meI’m running out of time

And it would be so easyTo take that razor bladeCut that silver cordWatch the blood flow out my veinsIt would be so easyTo jump off that bridgeCause the matter of the fact isNo one would care if it was meI’d just be another person who diedBecause the sun still sets and another day will pass byAnd it would be so easyTo die