Women should expect to be groped at BCR

As the month of April approaches, we will soon be revisited by the annual Black College Reunion event. In the past, this annual flesh-fest has had Daytona as its setting, but whatever the venue it takes place in, the results usually involves the same pleasant subject matter. This being shapely young ladies in pants and capris, that look and fit like second skin, tight, backless tops and sexy open-toed heels. Oh yeah, and you typically see some rather hooked up rides too.

Every year, however, I hear of a few BCR horror stories. And while a few of them are well founded, others simply described incidents that are part of the territory at an event of this kind.

Among the most humorous stories I’ve heard is that of a young lady who said she would never frequent BCR again because of the unwanted sexual advances she’d encountered. Ironically, this was one of the same capri-clad females I mentioned earlier.

BCR is a hands-on event and a young woman with exceptional physical tools expecting not to catch an errant hand on her behind or an occasional grope during that festive weekend, is like a money truck turning over in rush hour traffic and law enforcement officials expecting to have all the money returned with a thank you note.

In most cases, the young ladies that attend BCR in sexually provocative attire not only expect, but welcome the sexual advances they receive.

Let’s face it, the women who attend BCR or any event that rivals it, can’t reasonably expect to find a soul mate, or a lifetime partner. They’re there to be seen and while not every young lady wants the physical component of that equation, they must realize that the form-fitting outfits and the subsequent fondling go together like side items go with a KFC value meal.

BCR is one of the rare occasions where you get to skip the formalities and impersonality is actually a good thing.

If a young lady has inhibitions about being touched, it would be best if she kept those inhibitions and her person in her hometown and stay away from events like BCR. After all, if a social setting is what this young lady is truly after, she can probably find it at a church social or in some other highly supervised setting.

Perhaps BCR should be called something else with a less academic undertone but I’m sure many of those who complain about BCR for whatever reasons will be in attendance this year despite their gripes.

Donathan Prater, 26, is a graduate journalism student from Spartanburg, SC. He can be reached at dredlocks25@hotmail.com.