Trustees fall short in search

Antione Davis wrote on the presidential selection in The Famuan recently. He emphasized patience in the selection, and I could not agree more. I looked up the previous candidates on the Internet, and I laughed out loud! Yes, the people on the previous list of candidates did have pretty good qualifications, but trying to imagine them here at FAMU is hilarious! The new list of candidates are all black. Even if the future president is someone inside the university, I’d rather have them than have someone walk in here, and not know anything about FAMU. Tallahassee Community College lost their president last semester, and they have a new permanent president now. The board of trustees should have looked at things very carefully when they promised to make the presidential selection their top priority. They were formed in the summer and just this past week they interviewed candidates! That’s ridiculous. Rather than say something to please the students, they should have kept their mouths closed!  

Jermaine London, 20, is a junior business management student from Orlando.