Senators to vote on budget

Armed with more than $3.2 million for allocation, the Student Senate will vote on proposed budgets for campus organizations tonight.

Dozens of clubs and organizations came before an ad-hoc committee in February requesting additional funds for next year.

The committee, which consists of two representatives from the executive and judicial branches, a senator from each class and four students-at-large, presented recommendations for a proposed budget to be voted on before the full senate. From there the budget goes to the university president for the final decision.

“People don’t understand the process. They yell, ‘you cut my budget,’ but don’t know that the president can cut money,” said Aziza Bowser, a junior senator.

Only Activity and Service agencies are eligible for a budget and cannot fundraise without senate permission.

With never enough funds to satisfy every agency’s request, Bowser said the senate tries to provide each club with what it needs.

“We give them what they actually need to operate for the next year. We just don’t have enough funds unless you want to raise A&S fees and I don’t think anyone wants to do that.”

The activity and service fee for this year, only a fraction of tuition, is $10 per credit hour.

Higher proposed budgets for SGA have left many students wondering if its officials’ interest lie in funding themselves or students. Three of the top five organizations with the highest proposed budgets include SGA Executive Branch ($299,000), SGA Joint Operations ($189,000) and SGA Senate Allocated ($180,000).

“Every event we do for students is free so we have to get the money from somewhere,” said Juanita Juppity, the deputy secretary of communications.