BCR another excuse to disrespect women

The annual Black College Reunion will be held April 12-14 in Daytona Beach. People from around the South will soon be breaking out swimsuits and cleaning their vehicles — to ride down to Daytona. Notice, I said people, not students or alumni!

If you look on the official BCR Web site, it says 150,000 students and alumni attend this event every year.

However, you go to the BCR and see a totally different picture. Yes, you do see alumni from time to time.

The event has become a disappointment. With more numerous cases of sexual harassment being filed every year, it has become a Gross Grope Fest.

Also, there are more cases of discrimination being filed in relation to the BCR weekend. According to the Orlando Sentinel, last year the Adam’s Mark Hotel was sued for discrimination in their hotel while blacks stayed there during the BCR weekend.

Guests of the hotel were forced to wear wristbands for identification, pay an extra $200 for phone services and damages.

They would not provide valet parking for the black guests, and only gave substandard services, sometimes not even providing basic housekeeping.

There have also been bomb threats made on Daytona Beach for this year’s extravaganza. According to blackvoices.com, letters sent to the NAACP and the mayor’s office threatened to set off nine pipe bombs in trash cans and sewers during the event.

Though the FBI is investigating the threats, I would not want to be anywhere in the vicinity of a possible bomb. It’s possible it might not go off, but then again, it’s possible it might!

I attended the Black College Reunion last year with two friends of mine. It was probably my last time.

I experienced an entire day of middle-aged men acting like fools, groping young ladies on the Daytona strip. It was almost like a ritual. There were 20-30 men standing in a circle waiting for a group of young ladies to pass through so they could touch them in places they have no business touching them in.

If you go to the BCR expecting to see attractive females and nice cars, you won’t be disappointed. If you want to save gas, money and time, you can go to Luau and have a much better time.

For those of you who do decide to go, forgetting the risk, just to join the group of 20-30 men to grope a female or two, sorry, but I see just a twinge of lameness in you.

Antione Davis, 20, is a junior newspaper journalism student from Tampa. He serves as the Opinions Editor. He can be reached aldavis03@hotmail.com.