Lazy or busy

Black Colleges are important to our young black students.Black students need to know that they do have schools that are black own and can help them to reach their goals in life, but are the students getting good help? One student had gone to the Admission Office to change his address information. The lady that was working in office that day didn’t want to get up from her chair, so she told the young man to mail the information back to the same Admission Office. There have been to many staff chiefs and no Indians on campus. How do young students get help, when the staffs are too lazy or busy to do the job that they were hired for, they just simple passing the buck?Black schools does need the support of black students in numbers and money, but the students need the support of black colleges in learning and teaching and helping them to feel safe with their school records. We as students don’t need to have Black Colleges say now you’re here you on your own swim or drown. We the students are here to support our Black Insistition, and keep our black teachers and staff working ,as well as gaining our degree.

Nickey Valentine 03/28/02