Gemini’s Twin

As incongruous as can beYet the perfect matchNo better friendship could be birthedEven if it were hatchedThe chances of us meetingWere slimmer that that of two comets colliding in spaceAnd since Lady Luck’s never been kind to meI must concede it’s fateSo you know for me this is quite profound’Cuz n fate I don’t believeI guess it just further provesThe moment you don’t ask or expect to findIs exactly when you receive

Like a fadI’m sometimes outMore often then I’m inBut you’re always in fashionWhile I’m playin’ catch upYou set the trendsI have subtlety You’ve got flairYou’re the smile that I wear When I think of something… funnyI’m the desertYou’re my oasisYou’re one of my tow facesYou bring reality to my delusionsYou create clarity from my confusion

You’re the sweet to my sourYou’re the yin to my yangYou’re a catI’m a dogYet tough is how we hangYou’re the sunshine I’m the rainYou’re the pleasureI’m the painYou’re everything familiarI’m everywhere you’ve never beenAnd though we contradict each other just as much as we blendIt must be that I’m a GeminiAnd you’re my twin

I want you to knowLike a monkeyI’ve got your backCuz where I fade outYou Fill in the gapsBut mostly I ‘ppreciate how you show me where I’m weakWithout making me feel as if I lackI’m crazyYou’re–Well, okay–that analogy I’ll skipBut to make my pointAnd to make it very clearI’ll just say all that I’m notBe everything you is

I’m the nightYou’re the dayWhen I don’t have wordsYou know what to sayI’m the awkward left footContinues at top of page…You’re the steady right