Champions crowned in fitness, bodybuilding

Nine weeks of preparation, practice, and discipline ended favorably for the new Ms. FAMU Fitness La Shonda Futrell and Mr. FAMU Bodybuilding Theodore Atkins Jr.

The FAMU Campus Recreation Fitness Center Program presented the Ms. FAMU Fitness Pageant and Mr. FAMU Bodybuilding Contest on Thursday, March 21 in Lee Hall.

The program began with the Ms. FAMU Fitness Pageant. Six women competed in two rounds.

During the first round, a two-piece swimsuit competition, the ladies were judged on physique, complexion, poise, and presentation of their figures. Each contestant walked across the stage to the other while a short personal profile was read to the audience and judges.

Sophomore Desiree Paramore, who received fourth place in the pageant, said “I exercise not only for the results, but to show that women can exercise and be just as athletic as men.” The second round was the fitness routine segment of the competition. Contestants were given two minutes to display their athletic, aerobic, gymnastic and dancing skills. The women were judged on style, personality, and athleticism.

Following the second round, fitness competitor and head judge of the competitions Angela Glenn, did a fitness routine that impressed the audience. She presented her muscular figure while demonstrating athletic and gymnastic skills. Glenn advised the female contestants for approximately nine weeks in preparation for the pageant.

The trophy

presentations followed. First place winner, Futrell, received two trophies, $150 in cash, and a one-year membership to Gold’s Gym.

Letecia Newman, who wants to own her own gym after retiring from the military, received the second place trophy, $100 cash, and a six-month membership to Gold’s Gym.

Paula Jones, who aspires to be a certified aerobic instructor came in third place receiving $50 cash and a three-month membership to Gold’s Gym.

Paramore, Diane Moore, and Teresa Gaines came in fourth, fifth and sixth place, respectively.

After a ten-minute intermission, the Mr. FAMU Bodybuilding Contest began.

Nine contestants participated in three rounds of competition.

During the first round the men were judged on muscular symmetry, proportion and shape in a relaxed state. The contestants stood in a line while Glenn instructed them to hold a pose for a designated period of time.

In the second round the contestants did posing routines. They were judged on how well they presented their bodies. During this round the contestants came before the judges and crowd to present their physiques.

At this time the audience was informed on the classification, major, hobbies, and a personal fact about each contestant.

“I am a great listener, an even better speaker and a great dancer,” admitted freshman Joseph Neil who received second place in the competition.

The third round was a compulsory posing session during which the contestants were called forward in small groups. Glenn led the contestants through various poses in which the men were judged on muscular development.

Following round three, guest poser Rick McMillan did a fitness routine to “God Bless America” and an encore presentation to “Who Let the Dogs Out” as desired by the audience.

Following McMillan’s performance, the male contestants returned to the stage for the final pose down. During this session all the contestants displayed their best poses for the audience and judges.

After the pose down, the trophies five were presented.

First place winner, Atkins, was presented with two trophies as well as a one-year membership to Gold’s Gym and $150 in cash.

Neil received a second-place trophy, $100 in cash and a six-month membership for earning second place. Sophomore David Bogan, who entertained the audience with his dynamic personality and facial expressions, earned third place. He received a trophy, $50 in cash and a three-month membership to Gold’s Gym. Juniors Gerald Jackson and Mau Jackson received the fourth and fifth place trophies.

“I think it was an excellent show. They have been working on posing, dieting…” said Gei-Nam Lim, Florida A&M’s new Campus Fitness Director of the “eight or nine week program.”

Lim was one of the key organizers of Thursday night’s event. Lim hopes to increase fitness awareness on all levels at the university.

Students can look forward to upcoming events , including a fall bench press competition and improvements in fitness facilities. “My whole purpose is to equip the new fitness recreation center,” Lim said.