News Briefs

LocalWoman charged with credit card fraudAdrianne Duvall, an employee of The Department of the Children and Family Services, was charged with credit card fraud that totaled more than $25,000.Duvall had used five of the agency’s credit card numbers to make purchases over the Internet. Duvall confessed and was charged with grand theft and fradulent use of a credit card.

StateProposal to raise phone bill upsets SenateA proposal to raise phone bills as much as $5 monthly over five years in the Tampa Bay area has the Senate up in arms.The proposal was already passed by the House and was voted on Thursday by the Senate.The higher cost of basic phone service to supposed to be offset by cheaper long distance in Florida.NationalOwners of Rottweiler sentencedThe owners of the Rottweiler, Wayne Hardy and Shanda McCrackenwho mauled a 10 year old girl were charged with homocide.The 10 year old, Alicia Lynn Clark,was attacked by the dog on Valentine’s Day.Hardy, a convicted felon, faces up to 72 years in prison and McCracken faces up to 38 years.