FAMU alum finds success in National Guard

He is Tallahassee born and raised, a Rattler, a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity and a chief warrant officer (level 2).

That’s Jerome Dilworth. Dilworth is a member of the Army National Guard and has been for the past 25 years. He graduated from FAMU in 1974 with a degree in sociology.

Dilworth is currently property book officer for the 417 Signal Battalion at the National Guard Armory here in Tallahassee. He handles all food requests, property purchases, and hotel arrangements for the armory.

Dilworth is also logistics officer to the West Area Command.

The West Area Command provides backup security at six airports between Pensacola and Jacksonville.

This special airport mission began this past October in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks.

He says the best thing about his job is dealing with people, whether its civilians or soldiers. “We’re here for a mission to protect the citizens of Florida and the United States if needed,” said Dilworth.

He and his wife Linda have been married for 27 years.

She is an assistant secretary at Children & Families Services. They have one son, Glendon, who is a senior at MaClay High School.

Captain Edson Kline, who has known Dilworth since 1984 said his assets as a co-worker are his organizational skills and attention to detail.

“He’s able to take a mission, plan it, organize it, and see it to success,” said Kline. He added that Dilworth is very dedicated to his job and the military.

Chief Warrant Officer Keith Dobson, who has worked with Dilworth for three years, said he is a super administrator who knows his job.

He said that Dilworth is very professional and a hard worker who is firm in his beliefs.

“He doesn’t sugarcoat anything,” Dobson said.

Reflecting on his time at FAMU and what he learned, Dilworth said, ” FAMU instructors taught us to read and comprehend and apply it to life…have a commitment to whatever you are involved in.”

He also said he learned it’s always good to reach back and help those that helped you on the way.

“I will never forget and will cherish my time at FAMU,” Dilworth said.

He hopes his son attends FAMU next year but the decision is up to him, he added.

During the next year, Dilworth said he hopes to be promoted to a rank of chief warrant officer (level 3).

Within five years he hopes to be retired from his full-time job with the Florida Department of Labor where he is an Operational Management Consultant II. After retirement Dilworth plans to start his own management consultant business.

When away from work, his hobbies include carpentry, landscaping, riding on bike trails, and playing bid whist.

Dilworth encourages any high school senior to consider the National Guard as an option.

He cites benefits such as a free education, a free computer, and a chance to travel around the country.

” There’s more diversity in the military than anywhere in society,” said Dilworth.

He said it’s a great opportunity for a person to be molded in terms of values and discipline.

He added that you can learn things you won’t learn in life and overall it’s a great experience.