‘Benjamins’ rake in laughs with familiar duo

Ice Cube has another hit to add to his list. “All About the Benjamins” is the funniest movie that has come out of 2002 so far.

Cube and Mike Epps prove once again that they are a great team.

The movie is set in Miami where Cube, who plays Bucum Jackson, is a bounty hunter who hates his low-paying job.

He wants to make enough money some day, so that he can start his own private investigation firm.

Bucum gets assigned to find Reggie Jackson, a small-time con man played by Mike Epps.

Bucum has had to find Reggie in the past, and is not too thrilled about having to catch him again.

Bucum catches up with Reggie outside of a convenience store, and is led on a chase in which Reggie gets away.

Later on that day, Bucum catches Reggie slipping and is right on his tail when they get caught in the middle of a diamond heist.

Bucum is shot at, while Epps unknowingly hides in the get away van.

While hiding in the van, Reggie overhears the entire plan of the diamond thieves.

The thieves catch Reggie and try to kill him. He gets away, but leaves his wallet.

Reggie makes it home to his girlfriend, and he explains the entire day’s events to her. Then, they watch for the lottery picks to see if they won.

They end up matching all six numbers, and are on cloud nine because they won $60 million.

Reggie can’t find the ticket, because it’s in his wallet, and the diamond thieves have the wallet.

Bucum is out to find the people who shot at him, and he wants the diamonds. Reggie wants to get his wallet, so that he and his girlfriend can cash in the lottery ticket to get their millions.

Bucum and Reggie team up to get what they both want – “the Benjamins.”

The movie is hilarious. The role that Cube portrayed is realistic, and his acting is natural.

His acting seems to improve with each movie that he is featured in. Cube serves as the co-screenwriter and co-producer of the film.

Epps is an excellent comedian. In the film, his acting and jokes are natural. It seems like he just makes everything up on the spot.

He will have you laughing the entire time.

This movie is going to give him the fanfare that he deserves. He serves as co-executive producer of the film.

Cube and Epps were previously featured together in the hit comedy, “Next Friday.” They work great together as a team.

Cube plays the role as the serious guy, and Epps is the funnyman.

They each have their own time to shine in the film. They are a winning combination.

“All About the Benjamins” is the second feature film to be produced on Ice Cube’s production company, Cube Vision.

The first film was “Next Friday,” the sequel to the 1995 hit, Friday. Cube has been featured in various films that include “Boys in the Hood,” “Friday,” “Dangerous Ground,” “The Player’s Club,” “Next Friday,” etc.

Epps was first featured on the Def Comedy Jam Tour.

He debuted on screen in “Next Friday,” and was featured in “How High” last year.

The movie was very entertaining, and it had a good story line.

It was so good that you will want to see it again. You will probably want to get it on video, or DVD and watch it over and over.

Get ready for Ice Cube and Mike Epps to team up again in “Friday After Next,” which will be the next installment in the Friday trilogy. The film will be released on November 27, 2002.