College different world from high school

I know you’ve seen them. People walk around wearing their high school letterman’s jacket. Is it me or is high school over, along with its ill faded grandeur?

I love talking to these people who feel as though the small microcosm of high school, where they once were somebody, is better than college.

I feel bad for these people who have nothing more than ideal dreams of the past or who feel they have something to prove.

My high school was better than yours! What kind of mess is that when we are supposed to be intelligent people striving to be more than what we were during high school.

People should realize no one in the real world cares what high school you went to or that you played high school ball or couldn’t cut it and decided not to play college ball. What truly matters is intellect and how well you can succeed at your job or in life.

Then again, maybe it’s a southern thing. I’ve notice that there are few “northerners” who support this trend.

But let’s not get on the North vs. South dilemma. Some people have transcended this era in their life and moved on. I think it all boils down to self- image.

You are what you make yourself. So if you’re just another face in the crowd, who’s fault is that?

Your college years are like high school in that they are what you make them. You are always somebody, whether in your own eyes or that of another.

Like Outkast said “You got to get up, get out and do something. Don’t let the days of your life pass you by.”

Roclande’ White, 21, is a senior English education student from Dayton, Ohio. She can be reached at