DJ turned rapper, squeaky new player in Tennessee rap game

The infusion of down South, dirty rappers on the hip-hop scene continues with DJ Squeeky’s album, The Legacy.

Just as his name implies, the Memphis, Tenn. based producer turned rapper, has been making noise on the hip-hop scene since 1997.

However, DJ Squeeky’s bass-heavy, streetwise lyrics resonate much louder than the squeak that has become his namesake.

With past albums On a Mission, In da Beginning and During the Mission, Squeeky has become a veteran on the dirty South rap scene.

The opening track on The Legacy sets forth the criteria for the ideal woman.

“5’4, chocolate, big hips, and wet mouth,” are the specifications according to DJ Squeeky’s liking.

Female rapper and newcomer to the rap game, Kaos, assists on this track and is apparently on the same page as DJ Squeeky on this track with lyrics like,

“It ain’t nothing wrong with a little getting it on, just wake me up at 12 and drop me off at 4 in the morn.”

Tracks like “Made for This” tell the story of a tough upbringing on the mean streets of the Memphis community of Orange Mound that produced DJ Squeeky.

The song begins with the catchy phrase, “I was made for this, yes y’all, in tracks I attack so quick yes y’all, been in it a minute and won’t fall unless you got some cushion to hold this big hog.”

This album has a healthy dose of whore slapping and gun blasting, but serves its purpose in chronicling a gritty, urban existence.

The track titled “It Don’t Stop” skillfully restates the economic laws of supply and demand with words like, “N-gga standing on the block, slangin’ powder, pushing rock, selling pills, booming weed, dope dealing will never stop.”

Other artists like 8Ball, MJG, Kilo, and DJ Zirk are showcased on the cut “Lock ’em in the Trunk.”

These guys have obviously discovered a better use for this space than simply a compartment to store a toolbox or a spare tire.

With lyrics like “Creeping up on you slow, just give me the dough,” their intentions are more than obvious.

The track “Just a Young N-gga in the Game” discusses the dilemma presented when monetary and relationship issues overlap.

Criminal Man, Thugsta, and Lil’ Stickup provide insight with lyrics like, “The girl I was with wasn’t trying to make nada, what can I do with a ho that ain’t trying to make no dollars.”

With a supporting cast that features names like Insane, Tom Skeemask, Big Sly and Kingpin Skinny Pimp, this album wants not for lyrical versatility.

However, DJ Squeeky is only featured on two of the 17 tracks on the album and seems to have spent more time amassing the lyrical talent for this album than supplying it himself.