Reno steps on gas in gubernatorial race

Driving her red pickup truck across Florida in a statewide campaign for governor, Janet Reno, spoke to a crowd in Tallahassee on education and health issues Wednesday.

In her brief speech, the former U.S. Attorney General said she would strive to make all Florida schools the best in the country.

“I am a product of public schools and I want all public schools to be excellent,” Reno said.

“I want to provide state universities and colleges with the tools and resources needed to fill job positions. Florida is the fourth-largest state in the country, our schools should rank at the top.”

In order to achieve this goal, Reno said the state would have to pay salaries that would attract and retain instructors to teach in public school systems.

“The governor said teaching salaries aren’t his problems, well I want them to be my problem. Too many people don’t make enough money to support their own families,” Reno said.

Reno said she would also work to ensure that money intended for public schools are given to private institutions.

The three dozen people in attendance, mostly state employees, were especially enthusiastic when Reno addressed healthcare.

Recently, $31 million, which initially would have been used for the CHIP program, was returned to the federal government criticized Bush’s lack of universal health coverage.

“We have to look to the Florida economy to support healthcare for all Floridians, not just the people who can afford it,” Reno said.

“If we can send people to the moon, we ought to provide healthcare for all Floridians.”

The Miami native said she was more than confident that she could triumph over Gov. Jeb Bush in November.

“If we take the enthusiasm of this crowd and use it to get people registered, and get people to vote and get the votes counted the way they should, you bet I can beat Jeb,” Reno said.

Florida City commissioner Juanita Smith said she thinks Reno would be an excellent candidate for governor.

“She knows about the state and lived in Florida all her life. She’s more familiar with the state than anyone else. I know she’ll do all she said.”

Reno said her love for the Sunshine State encouraged her to run for governor and is the strength on which her platform is built.

“I love this state and together we can address our problems. I believe in people, I believe in Floridians and I believe in Florida.”