Love Poem

Love is all releasing and all absorbingLove conquers all death for able she is eternal and sheIs sternally whispering her winds through my mindThe object of my desire has tattooed her image upon my membrances

She has stampeded her fantasy across my soul

I have lost…Control

Tru love is never anxious never wantingLove just is So let us be As love is WE AREIN Love

Yes, Lets be in love…you even stop and just think about that?in loveIn love like in water like love is like water is love is like water is like love…It just flows and it just isSo lets just flow and be immersed in the watersof love

Let’s be in love I mean truly in ityou see love is infiniteso even if one day we do part ways Love will never die

I want love to control me and you and me…and WE…should be inside of love It’s a cold world yes it is but I know of a place much warmerInside of Love’s flames our souls would melt into one

Do you know what it looks like when the flame ignites souls and emantes through eyes? That’s the look on my face after we make LovePure Truth