McDonald’s extends black history celebration

French fries and laughs make an odd pair when telling people about black history.

As this month comes to an end, black history may soon be an afterthought for most of the country until next February rolls around.

The McDonald’s Corporation has launched an effort entitled, “365 Black”, to celebrate black history all year.

All McDonald’s restaurants are working together for this event.

McDonald’s is letting people know that there is much to be learned about black history throughout the year.

McDonald’s Corporation and Tom Joyner, a national radio personality, have teamed up for this, along with other sponsors.

In a press release, Vicky Free, marketing director at McDonald’s Corporation said, “McDonald’s is a company that celebrates and values diversity. This campaign emphasizes our recognition of and appreciation for the many contributions African Americans have made to American history.”

She adds, “as a result, we hope that our salute serves as a catalyst for year-round celebration.”

Local McDonald’s restaurants have already begun to prepare for the campaign.

“We have begun to put up the posters. We have also begun to use bags that feature black leaders. These leaders are featured in our little known black facts handouts,” said Lo Hock, a Caspers Group worker.

Caspers Group owns all Tallahassee and Crawfordville area McDonald’s.

They have received the posters, bags, and cups. The changes have not been ignored.

Customers have begun to see the results of “365 Black”.

“I went inside to order my food and saw the new posters,” said Kimberly Pate, a sophomore from Memphis, Tenn.

“I was proud to see McDonald’s doing something for us for longer than a month” she added.

For more facts, you can log on to McDonald’s Web site at

This Web site features an audio tour, hosted by Tom Joyner himself.

He gives background of this nationwide campaign, through an audio wave. There are also downloads of little-known black facts and a set of courses for classrooms.