‘Crossroads’ speaks to the heart of friendship

For those of you who had a childhood friend that you fell out with and thought you’d never speak again.

There is hope. The movie “Crossroads” proves this.

“Crossroads” tells the story of three friends, Lucy (Britney Spears), Mimi (Taryn Manning), and Kit (Zoe Saldana) whose childhood friendship becomes extinct during high school.

Upon graduating, the girls end up leaving Georgia on the road together, when the unexpected happens. They not only get their friendship back but also find their identities along the way.

Lucy, the main character, is a product of a single parent home, her mother left when she very young. She is the valedictorian of her high school and tries hard to earn her father’s approval. She is living a lonely life, a life without her friends Mimi and Kit.

Mimi is considered trailer park trash and is trying to deal with an unwanted pregnancy.

Kit is Miss Popularity and is the school’s biggest snob. The three, who were once birds of a feather, have over time grown apart and can’t stand to be in each other’s presence for more than five minutes.

Ten years prior the girls buried symbols of their life’s aspirations in a dream box in a special place in the woods. Finally the girls come to the special night, when their supposed pop open the box, graduation night.

The problem is that they are no longer friends. Coincidently, they all end up meeting up at the spot where they buried their box and decide to open it despite their differences. Mimi announces her trip to California to follow her dream.

Kit and Lucy end up coming with Mimi on the road to California and a handsome yet mysterious man, whom they suspect to be a killer, is driving them.

Lucy wants to stop in Arizona to meet her mother.

Kit wants to go to Los Angela’s to see her so-called “fiancé” and Mimi wants to audition for a record company in Hollywood.

While they are on the trip together, each girl has their own preconceived agenda. Every situation en route to California leads them to a better understanding of themselves and each other.

This movie was not just another teen flick. Just as its name implies, the movie tells the story of not only a road trip; it chronicles the crossover from childhood to womanhood.