Bathroom nastiness infests FAMU dorms

What is that unbearable smell? It couldn’t be the women’s restroom, or could it? On a daily basis I am appalled by the horrible conditions of the dorm restrooms.

Upon arriving to FAMU in my wildest dreams I’d never think taking a shower would become an activity I hated.

On any given day, one can go into the restrooms and witness disruptions ranging from mold on the shower curtains to little or no toilet paper on the rolls that adorn the floor.

With a motto such as, “excellence with caring,” who would think this university would lack the very thing it stands for? Asking for vast changes to the problems that plague me and several other dorm residents has proved useless.

The Housing Administration as a whole has failed to provide its tenants with satisfaction when it comes to the unkempt bathrooms of this University.

The lack of toilet paper, seat covers, paper towels and hand soap, the molded shower curtains and the awful stench makes a journey to the restroom dreadful.

Candace Redford is s ophomore journalism student from Miami. She can be reached at