Women want too much from men

Women expect a lot from men. Females often complain when men fail to meet their wants or needs.

“Women talk about men as if they are some misbehaved children,” said Billy Moore, a junior theater major from Washington, D.C. “We are called cheating dogs and filthy pigs.”

Women look for a man to be a bread-winner, without looking at themselves to see if they have fulfilled their obligations in the household. In early society, women’s roles were as the nurturers in the family, however, they now aspire to fulfill their career and social needs before their family’s needs. Even though times have changed, men have not lost their role as bread-winners. Everyday college students are questioned about the needs and wants of the opposite sex.

We all came from different backgrounds so it is understandable that people have different perspectives on relationships.

The way a person was brought-up, can also shape their thoughts on relationships. Janice Reddick, a senior business administration student from Fort Lauderdale said, “Some men are pressured to commit by women because the woman may have never had a father figure. So they place this job on the man they’re dating..

Images help and destroy relationships. An individual’s peers and family may help to create these images. Myra Buckmaster, a senior management information system major, from Winter Haven, said, “Women are forced to commit. They don’t want to be associated with the image of being promiscuous. Every woman wants the picket fence and family, the over all American dream.”

Tariq Nasheed, The author of the “Art of Mackin” said, ” Women want men with integrity; who aren’t afraid to be men. Women don’t want those Brain McKnight types who cry. You should never give too much love and respect to your mate, because people take what they can get away with. Women, however, put pressure on men, because they want to see if these are men who can take on the role as men not boys.”

So women, the next time you put pressure on a man to commit make sure you are up to the challenge of a long term relationship, and make sure he’s ready as well.

Eric W. Fluker, 23, is a senior agri-education student from Forestville, MD. He can be reached at wordliferecords@hotmail.com