Students prep for new GRE

The School of Graduate Studies and Research will host a spring graduate orientation seminar on the “New GRE.”

The seminar will take place on Tuesday from 3-5 p.m. in the Frederick S. Humphries Science Research facility in room 214.

This seminar is mandatory for all juniors, seniors and FAMU graduates who are interested in attending graduate school.

The Graduate Record Examination measures verbal, quantitative and analytical skills. The new GRE seminar will give students a preview of the newly added writing portion of the exam.

The results of this exam are generally used to decide on the admissions into graduate school and it also determines one’s eligibility for merit based grants and fellowships, as well as teaching and research assistant opportunities.

The guest speaker of this event will be Thomas Rochon, executive director of the GRE program at the Educational Testing Service.

“We want to let the students know first hand from the executive director of ETS, what the new portion of the exam is all about,” said Linda Nixon Hudson, coordinator of the Graduate Feeder Scholars Program.

“If I would have known about a free test prep course before I took the GRE, I would have taken advantage of it,” said Berinna Chambers, 20, a senior Spanish student from Tallahassee.

Those who are not able to attend this seminar can receive other free prep materials from the School of Graduate Studies and Research office or from Kaplan.

Kaplan is a facility that offers a variety of assistance for several standardized test preparation.

“I feel that this seminar will give me a better opportunity to do well on the exam,” said Kenyetta Epps, a junior Psychology student from Ft. Myers.

“We don’t want any student to go into any test unprepared,” Hudson said. “Don’t take any test without some type of preparation.”

Both the School of Graduate Studies and Kaplan continuously offer free test prep events throughout the year that aid in the preparation of the GRE exam.

Another resource that provides material on the GRE exam is GRE online. This website offers information on registering for tests online and updates on upcoming test dates.

For more information on GRE prep resources, contact The School of Graduate Studies and Research at 599-3505, Kaplan test prep at 224 ñ 3555 or visit GRE online at