Ressurect My Heart (Midnight’s Lover)

I wait for her before sunseton top of a mountainso they all can see.I am sorry cuz I left her alone to longand scavengers thought that I was dead.Vultures, jackals, and foolish mentried in vain to creep inside her bed.They speak sugarcoated words hoping she’ll surrender, but she loves me.And who am I?I am a black Cat with the world on my back.Its weight led me astray, caused me to burn loveand replace it with anger;my mental poison, deafening me so I would never hear her calling.

However, through my long and twisted journeya friend spoke wisdom caused me to stumble in the dark upon my heart.I listened to each beat and heard her calling for me.I remember,she’s mine, I am hear to get back what’s mine.

As night falls she reveals her body and begin to open her eye.Such a beautiful body that scavengers wish to defile, but not in my lifetime.I walk slowly, following the footprints I once made on her spine.In relief she smiles,and scavengers freeze in fearwhen they see my body illuminate in her eye.The words “I love you” hang of my whiskersas I bow my head and they gently caress her skin,while I stare at the scavengers;fools, jackals, pimps and vulturesburning through their souls with the fire in my eyes.No need to fight cuz this woman is mine.And who am I?I’m Midnight’s lover;the one who lives in her dreams. She is the one who has stolen my soulwith her poetry;beautiful song, intoxicating melodythat has infested my bones.She’ll always be mine and now I make her love my home.