Women showcase more than brains

The days of long skirts and turtlenecks are long gone. Generation X has now lain to rest those trends that the Baby Boomers introduced.

On many campuses it is not uncommon to see g-strings, thongs, booty shorts, transparent shirts and those oh so popular tight fitting pants.

These are the pants that some females manage to slide into defying the laws of gravity.

Many students are being influenced by this trend and it seems as if these trends are here to stay, at least for a while.

Some people see this as just a form of expression and it is not anyone’s business what somebody else wears.

But, others like Sharla Givens, program assistant for the Center for Human Development, disagrees with this form of freedom.

“This generation has lost focus of what they are here for. Many just want to be seen”, said Givens.

“They should be focusing on getting an education. Instead many of these females are more concerned with being seen in that special person’s eyes”.

Time is proving that females of Generation X are bolder and more out-spoken than females of past generations. Some of theses women are not afraid to show “what there Mommas gave them.”

Others see this type of behavior on a more psychological level.

Those like Professor Terrell Freeman, coordinator of Student Affairs at the Center For Human Development.

“The psychological part about provocative dressing sometimes helps the person to feel better about themselves or hide the negative aspects of ones life”, Freeman said.

However, while there are those people like Givens and professor Freeman who have applied a more psychological process to sexy dressing

. There are still others who feel just the opposite.

Some students at FAMU see this as a trend that all generations have gone through.

People will argue that there has always been a group who was willing to rebel against the norm and be provocative.

For example, before Generation X and booty shorts, is equivalent to hot pants. That of which stirred up a lot of controversy during their life span.

Many people questioned also if they were too sexy.

Brion Gilbert, 20, a sophomore accounting student Avon Park said, “Being a young college student myself, I think the ladies are dressed just fine because times changes and trends change along with them As long as the men are looking at them in a positive way and the females are not nasty with it.”

Gilbert added, ” Personally I look forward to seeing these beautiful females as a come out of class daily, it is just all apart of the college experience”.

Takia Cameron, a 19 year-old FSU sophomore film student from Fort Lauderdale,agrees with Gilbert, but cautions females about over doing it and how they want to be perceived.

“I think it is her business to choose what she wants to wear, but she has to be aware of what type of attention she will attract,” said Cameron